Day 40

July 10 2017

Today Penelope Wonderwoman turned 4. FOUR!!
Can you believe it?!

Despite the chaos, she had a good day - a kind of interactive video chat with Grandpa kicked off the day after presents (kind of because while Grandpa was interactive, Miss Penelope was of course far more focused on toys 😑).

We got a little done on the new house, hers and the Dudes' rooms are very close to finishef, with almost all of her toys and furniture in and her mural 50% complete.

Then we came back here to cook dinner, while the Ever Awesome Husband took her and the Dude to the playground. Dinner consisted of cake number 1 with dino-snacks, fries, peas and corn. Cake no. 2 nearly disappeared when Hurricane (the hurricane 😂),  jumped up on Miss Em as she was carrying itq candles blazing to the table, and the cake went flying to the floor!

Luckily it was ice cream cake and a quick scoop of the top layer and some fresh strawberries meant it could be salvaged. Phew!

Later Penelope and the Ever Awesome One read her story book that goes with one of the records she got (with a record player), before crashing into bed exhausted.

It's hard work turning 4. 😁😁😁


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