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Mornings and My Babies

Miss Penelope was up early again this morning, which meant by the time the older kids were up I already had all the breakfasts and lunches ready and was sitting watching said Miss play while drinking a cup of coffee.

Once they were all up and beginning to have their brekky, the Little Miss needed to be in there with them of course! She just loves feeling like she's part of the action, and she's taken to sitting in her high chair in the funniest way. She kind of leans forward and grips onto the sides of the tray as if she's getting ready for takeoff! This morning though she wasn't sitting like that. She was kicking back, one arm leaning over the side, swinging her legs watching everything that was going on.

I looked around as I listened to the normal morning chatter and decided to take a photo to remember it. At some point I guess not too far from now, mornings will be less hectic and less noisy and perhaps a little more of an ease into the day for a non-morning person…