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Opinionated Rant Coming, Read It At Your Own Risk. :)

I was going to post this as a status on Facebook, but as it's probably going to be quite a long 'WTF' kind of rant, I figured it'd make a better blog post. So lucky you hahaha!
I will preface this post with an admission that I'm in kind of a grumpy mood right now, so my judgement may be slightly impaired. The internal switch that controls and regulates my rants is dulled a little from pain meds, which may or may not be a good thing. I'll let you be the judge. 
Okay, here goes. Donald Trump.  What the absolute bad-word is going on with this crazy crazy person??? So at first I thought it was a joke. When I first saw stuff about him entering the political market, for want of a better word, I was all like "this is a joke, right? He can't actually be thinking anyone is going to take him seriously?" But apparently he's not joking at all. 
I must insert another preface here - my Dad wanted me to be the first female Prime Minister of Australia. From …

I Married Luke from Gilmore Girls!!

Stay with me here peeps.  So on Thursday night last week my back went out again. Not the I'm-going-to-get-my-drunk-on-and-party kind of out, more like the I'm-a-sadistic-medieval-torturer-and-I'm-going-to-slowly-suck-away-your-will-to-live kind of out. No idea what I did, but at this point I've stopped trying to figure it out and am just trying to function until it feels better again.
So Friday was okay; watched Little Dude get a merit certificate at school assembly, gave both older girls more driving instruction taking them to school and work, tried to move as little as possible at home with Miss P, picked up younger children from school and declared I was not moving for the rest of the evening. 
Saturday morning began with a few tears of self pity, woe is me kind of stuff. Spent the day on the couch, in a semi-supportive semi-reclined position. More pity party stuff as I whinged and moped and generally brought everyone down. 
Sunday began even worse, so I did what a…


I've been seeing all these photos of snow everywhere courtesy of Facebook and Instagram. Can I say I'm kind of jealous at the moment? I always loved summer, the consistency of long, hot, sunny days just made me happy. But as I get older it starts to wear a bit thin when it's ridiculously hot.  According to the news, our summer hasn't been too hot (although it feels like it has been), and we've had a few milder days and colder nights in the last week or so which was awesome. We have had 15 days over 35 celcius (95F), in January, and I know there were a few in December and November too. But today is another one, and according to forecasts we are set for a record breaking heat wave over the next week. It's supposed to get up to 42c (110F), and not go below 39 celcius (103), for at least the next week possibly longer. I got a text message from the girls' high school earlier today advising about the extreme weather for next week which I've never had before,…

School Holiday Fun!

Today is the first day of school for 2016. Can I say YAY!!? Haha, the holidays haven't been too bad actually, but I am definitely happy to see them go back to school and get back to something of a normal routine. Little Dude is in his final year of Primary School (year 6), and the Social One is doing her final year of High School (year 12). Miss Em is year 9 this year and the Eldest One will be starting her university course by the end of this month. 
We didn't really do too much all seven of us together over the break, mostly because the older girls were always working or out with friends, and the middle two spent a decent amount of time with friends too. We did enjoy a really nice family evening together for my birthday, and we had a couple of movie nights at home here and there too. 

We did manage to get one day though where no one was working and we had a great day out all together! We took the kids up to SciTech, which is one of those places where you get to play with an…