Friday, 19 February 2016

Opinionated Rant Coming, Read It At Your Own Risk. :)

I was going to post this as a status on Facebook, but as it's probably going to be quite a long 'WTF' kind of rant, I figured it'd make a better blog post. So lucky you hahaha!

I will preface this post with an admission that I'm in kind of a grumpy mood right now, so my judgement may be slightly impaired. The internal switch that controls and regulates my rants is dulled a little from pain meds, which may or may not be a good thing. I'll let you be the judge. 

Okay, here goes. Donald Trump. 
What the absolute bad-word is going on with this crazy crazy person??? So at first I thought it was a joke. When I first saw stuff about him entering the political market, for want of a better word, I was all like "this is a joke, right? He can't actually be thinking anyone is going to take him seriously?" But apparently he's not joking at all. 

I must insert another preface here - my Dad wanted me to be the first female Prime Minister of Australia. From as early as I can remember, he'd be all blah-blah-blahing about politics and saying to me "Gert, you will be Prime Minister when you're all grown up. You can be Australia's first female Prime Minister, and I can be your advisor and we'll inject some common sense into this country". 
And I would kind of roll my eyes and be all like "yeah, yeah but NO." Which was a big deal, cause you know, I was very much Daddy's little girl and he was (and kind of still is if I'm honest), very much my hero and role model for all things awesome. (read - I didn't disagree with him often). 

But I hate politics. I really do. I don't understand it for one. I also think most politicians lack any sort of common sense and therefore have no idea what the actual people they are governing want or need. For the longest time, I voted for the Jedi Party at every election. (For those who aren't aware, voting is compulsory in Australia once you turn 18. If you don't vote, you get fined. But there is never anyone decent to actually vote for, so why bother? The Jedi Party don't actually exist, but they get a ridiculously high number of votes each election. Go figure). I have recently voted properly but unfortunately my vote didn't count as evidenced when the wonderfully moronic Tony Abbott became Prime Minister. He's an idiot. He would probably vote for Donald Trump if he could vote in the US, as I think he shares a lot of the same principles and values - although I think calling his delusions principles and values is giving them much more credit than they deserve. 

ANYWAY........ so as an outsider (that is an outsider to the political goings on of the United States of America), but someone who thanks to an American husband who does follow politics gets a little insight to help me understand it marginally, I feel I have some kind of qualification to add my opinion to this weird, weird debate. 

Let's also say that I may not have all of the information 100% correct. After all, I can only make judgements based on what I see, hear, read and understand. And from what I have been able to ascertain, Mr Trump doesn't think President Obama has done a very good job since he's been in office. I don't know about that. I think President Obama seems like a pretty cool guy. His wife seems pretty awesome too. They seem smart and fair and I could be wrong, but I think being the President of The United States of America would be kind of a tough job. He looks like he's done it pretty decently, again, I'm only saying my opinion from an outsiders' point of view. 

But so Trump doesn't like Obama, whatever. He also doesn't like people who have any religion other than his. So I guess he wouldn't like me much, but that's okay with me. He also wants to close the borders of the USA to refugees and immigrants, saying that he wants to make America great again. I could be wrong, but aren't immigrants a healthy part of why America is what it is now? Like here in Australia, take the Snowy Mountain Hydro-Electricity Scheme. That was a massive, huge undertaking and it was built pretty much entirely by immigrants. And there are so many other examples of infrastructure and businesses being built up and made amazing by immigrants to our country. We are multicultural because of immigrants. And while there are many many arguments about refugees and the ways they are treated or not treated, the fact remains that as a stable, secure and well off Western nation, we have a major humanitarian obligation to help people from countries less fortunate than ours. We have to help people who are scared to let their kids go to school, whose kids can't even go to school. Whose daily commute consists of a sort of Frogger type game, except that it's not computer generated cars you have to be careful of, it's bombs and snipers and actual death or torture. We have a moral obligation to help wherever and however we can if we want to consider ourselves decent human beings. 

And the USA is no different. How many places, how many businesses, how much employment and infrastructure was built, created and put in place by immigrants to the USA? How many great scientific and medical discoveries have been made by people who do not share the same colour skin, religious beliefs or birth country as Mr Trump? How can a country as financial and influential as America close its' borders to those less fortunate and in dire, desperate need of help? 

Why if you listen to the Trump man, it's simply a matter of religion. This alone seems ridiculous to me. I am not a religious person, but I am a good person. I believe that a person has the right to choose to believe in whatever, or whoever they want and that belief is no one else's business but their own. But the Trumpet man, oops, I mean Mr. Trump, wants to essentially intern all Muslims that live in the USA and prevent any new Muslims from entering. He is repeating the political dictatorship type of mass scaremongering that Adolf Hitler has long been (rightfully) vilified for.

How do people not see this? How are the comparisons not glaringly obvious to any sane person? To me, Donald Trump seems as insane as a rabies fuelled wild dog, foaming at the mouth, ready to strike fear and dribble into the mouths and hearts of all those who will listen to him.

To make any country great, the solution seems pretty simple to me. Be nice. Be fair, and even when you can't be fair to everyone, do what is right for the greater good. Don't let corporations take over basic services like medical services, water, gas, electricity and schooling etc.... for profit. Institute a basic minimum wage that covers a realistic cost of living, and give every single person regardless of race, colour, religion, musical preferences, taste in food, hair colour, sexual preferences, size of the house they live in, job they perform and their entire range of other points of uniqueness, the same rights. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Just be freaking nice. Don't judge an entire religion or race or group based on the insane actions of a few crazies. 
For there will always be crazy individuals. Just look at Trump. I sincerely hope that America doesn't elect this insane crazy bigot to the role of President. Because I truly believe that America will be the laughing stock of the world. I honestly do. As an Australian who absolutely loves the USA, I am horrified that this could be a serious possibility. 
I love Australia, although we have our own issues here and there. I love America, despite its' here and there issues too. But if Donald Trump is elected as President, I could not in any good conscience, ever go there again. 
So please, please, make this be a joke and show some common sense my American friends and family. 

Monday, 15 February 2016

I Married Luke from Gilmore Girls!!

Stay with me here peeps. 
So on Thursday night last week my back went out again. Not the I'm-going-to-get-my-drunk-on-and-party kind of out, more like the I'm-a-sadistic-medieval-torturer-and-I'm-going-to-slowly-suck-away-your-will-to-live kind of out. No idea what I did, but at this point I've stopped trying to figure it out and am just trying to function until it feels better again.

So Friday was okay; watched Little Dude get a merit certificate at school assembly, gave both older girls more driving instruction taking them to school and work, tried to move as little as possible at home with Miss P, picked up younger children from school and declared I was not moving for the rest of the evening. 

Saturday morning began with a few tears of self pity, woe is me kind of stuff. Spent the day on the couch, in a semi-supportive semi-reclined position. More pity party stuff as I whinged and moped and generally brought everyone down. 

Sunday began even worse, so I did what any sane person does in this kind of situation. Took some more drugs (the nice floaty, fully prescribed type of course!), and binge watched Gilmore Girls. No more self pity, let's make the most of this, right?! 

So I started with Season Two, which in hindsight was not a good choice because it's seriously my least favourite season. Lorelei is getting engaged to Max, and I really don't like Max and it's all blurrghhhh... But nevertheless, I committed to season two so that's what I watched. And I was about three episodes in when I had the epiphany. 

But first let me explain. Gilmore Girls is AWESOME. I want to live in a town just like Stars Hollow and I want neighbours like Taylor the town bossy boots, and Kirk the town crazy, but not bad crazy. And I want to know someone like Miss Pattie who is so much fun, and it goes on. My favourite characters from the show however have always been Suki, the crazy, clumsy, funny chef (played by the wonderfully hilarious Melissa McCarthy), and Luke. Luke is the owner of the local coffee shop/diner. He's cranky, grouchy at times, stubborn, pessimistic, sarcastic, highly intelligent, caring, loving, shy, quiet, generous, has a pretty cute smile, wears his cap backwards, is kind of grungy and would do anything for the woman he loves (aka Lorelei). 

And so then it hit me. I MARRIED LUKE!!!! The similarities between the character Luke and The Awesome One are quite startling actually. The Eldest One ( who is also a massive Gilmore Girls fan), agreed instantly and wholeheartedly when I suddenly out of nowhere yelled from the couch at the top of my lungs "OMG!! I MARRIED LUKE!!!" She yelled out from her bedroom where she was binge watching Supernatural "OMG!! YOU TOTALLY DID!!!" 

So I heaved my ridiculously broken spine (and the rest of me), off the couch and hobbled to her doorway. "OMG!" says I. "OMG!" says she. "You totally did". I say "I know, and Luke was always my favourite character." "Mine too" says she. And we laugh and I hobble back to my semi-comfortable spot on the couch. 

Meanwhile, The Awesome One is looking at me like I've gone freaking nuts, shaking his head and laughing ever so slightly. 

I look at him, about to say something about how he's so cute or something equally vomit inducing to normal people, and he says with the most deadpan face ever:

"I think the drugs have gotten to you."

And walks away. 


Drugs or not, I totally married Luke and it's the best thing ever. 


Friday, 5 February 2016


I've been seeing all these photos of snow everywhere courtesy of Facebook and Instagram. Can I say I'm kind of jealous at the moment? I always loved summer, the consistency of long, hot, sunny days just made me happy. But as I get older it starts to wear a bit thin when it's ridiculously hot. 
According to the news, our summer hasn't been too hot (although it feels like it has been), and we've had a few milder days and colder nights in the last week or so which was awesome. We have had 15 days over 35 celcius (95F), in January, and I know there were a few in December and November too. But today is another one, and according to forecasts we are set for a record breaking heat wave over the next week. It's supposed to get up to 42c (110F), and not go below 39 celcius (103), for at least the next week possibly longer.
I got a text message from the girls' high school earlier today advising about the extreme weather for next week which I've never had before, and apparently some schools that don't have airconditioning are going to close next week. 

I guess what makes it even more of a uggghhhh thought is not only do we not have air conditioning, but the nights aren't supposed to go below about 24 (76) for that time as well. (So now would be a good time for me to rant about why on earth air-con isn't standard fare in houses over here, like heating is in colder climates, but I guess that would be pointless so I won't). 
 There is also the fact that the medication I take for my back makes me hot. And no, not the 'yeah you are' kind of hot. It's the 'my blood and brain are actually boiling from the inside and I think I might die' kind of hot. 
**sigh** Unpleasant, to say the least. 

We have the house as dark as an Arctic winter (well, as dark as we can get it!), I'm compiling a list of meals that don't require the use of the stove or oven and am seriously contemplating bringing Miss P's little clam shell pool into the living room! 

So can I say plllleeeeeeaaaaasssseeeeee keep posting photos of all the snow that is covering DC and Minnesota and seemingly everywhere else in the US!! If I can't be cool, I can at least live vicariously through images on my computer! 

Ok, so now who wants to see photos of Miss Penelope?! I did put these up on Facebook, so if you've seen them already well you'll just have to look at them again. And if you haven't seen them already, be prepared for some ridiculous cuteness. 

Penelope Kathleen at 30 months old. Summer 2016. 

Monday, 1 February 2016

School Holiday Fun!

Today is the first day of school for 2016. Can I say YAY!!? Haha, the holidays haven't been too bad actually, but I am definitely happy to see them go back to school and get back to something of a normal routine.
Little Dude is in his final year of Primary School (year 6), and the Social One is doing her final year of High School (year 12). Miss Em is year 9 this year and the Eldest One will be starting her university course by the end of this month. 

We didn't really do too much all seven of us together over the break, mostly because the older girls were always working or out with friends, and the middle two spent a decent amount of time with friends too. We did enjoy a really nice family evening together for my birthday, and we had a couple of movie nights at home here and there too. 

We did manage to get one day though where no one was working and we had a great day out all together! We took the kids up to SciTech, which is one of those places where you get to play with and try out all sorts of interactive science-y things. There is also the Planetarium in the same place, which the kids really enjoyed.

Miss Penelope wasn't feeling great at first. It had been so hot and she really doesn't like the heat, plus she had spent all day outside in her little play pool the day before and had a late night so was pretty tired and cranky.

Some water and apple juice and sugar courtesy of M&M's did the trick though and she was right back to her happy self, enjoying the exhibits with the rest of us. 

The kids got to pretend to be Buzz Lightyear (kind of haha)....

And an astronaut puppy?

They got to see how chickens hatch...

They got to spin around and feel G-forces..

They got to pretend to go to space....

We all got to test our grip strength....

Mine wasn't very good...

And we all had a really great day out. I know that these sorts of days will happen less as the kids get older and do more of their own thing so it makes the days we do have together like this all the more special. 

I'll be back in a few days to share photos of our new car (woo hoo, it's so awesome!), and some of Miss P over the last week or two.