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New House Tour!!

We're finally in our new house, and it's looking mostly organised and like a home! The studio is still to be organised fully, but here is a tour of the rest of the house. We love it, it's bigger, has more light, is cooler and airier, and best of all Miss P has her very own bedroom!!! (up till now she'd been sharing with us, and it was certainly time for her to be in her own space!).

It's full of us; our personality and lots of colour. There's space for everyone and even the dogs are happier here!

Front entry

There are cute little touches of whimsy and fun everywhere!
I love Miss Penelope's room.

And I love love love our room. It's just so full of personality! There is tulle galore, my awesome dreamcatcher, string lights, colour and all things that are precious to us: including our Yoda Lego alarm clock! 

I love this lamp, with the tulle The Eldest One says it reminds her of Alice In Wonderland (the Johnny Depp version of course!)
There are so many thi…