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So, ummm, HI!!! Yeah I know I had every intention of posting on here more than once a month or so, but it just doesn't seem to happen so I'm going to stop apologising for not posting more often and just accept that I'm busy and once a month-ish is about all I can get to.

And now that's out of the way, let's summarise what we've been up to this month!

Aside from the normal chaos of our life with school stuff and work stuff, we've had Miss P being less than a Wonderwoman and being super grumpy because she's had a cold that seems to never ever end.

We had Mothers' Day where I was well and truly spoilt and spent the day drawing and drinking tea surrounded by The Awesome One and all of the kidlets, which made the day truly awesome.

I had another solo exhibition which was weird in that it was just ordinary. It was just, put artwork up, leave it there for 10 days, then take it down. And there was no build up or huge focus, it was just part of work/life. W…