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Pumpkin Carving!

Today we carved pumpkins! This year the kids were not anywhere near as grossed out by the goop as they were the last time we carved them, and were even telling Miss Emily's best friend Olivia to "just scoop it out with your hands!"

 Little Miss Penelope was kind of cranky so she had a bottle and went to bed, and the rest of us set about making Pumpkin faces!

The adorable Miss Siena was very interested in what was going on, that is until she got sidetracked finding other things to make mischief with! Well....she is a toddler of course!

Why This Blog Was Born


I like to might say I can ramble on for days on end about stuff. Or maybe you wouldn't and that's just The Awesome One's voice in my head I can hear. Regardless, I do like to talk, and I write the way I talk (which is kind of rambling but I promise I will almost always get to the point!), and I like to write!

The point of this post being that as The Awesome One and I have so many friends and family in far flung areas of the globe, it makes it oh so much easier to keep everyone updated with what we are doing, photos of the children and the like.

Plus, as you might know, I make stuff all the time, and while that may be awesomely creative on my behalf, it doesn't really fit on my art blog. Because that's supposed to be about my art. Not about the tutu's I've made for Halloween (although they are awesome and I'll get to those in another post), or the giggling that Little Miss Penelope did yesterday for the first time. Or even for the h…