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Society, The Beach and A Bit of An Epiphany

Yet another month has passed now and we are well into 2015. I've been doing a fair bit of thinking over the last few months, mostly because I was so sick and 1) had convinced myself that I was in fact dying of some horrible unknown disease, and 2) I have been not stressing as such, but thinking a lot about Sam turning 18 this year and my approaching 'milestone' birthday, and my Grandparents and parents......

Happy to say I am obviously not dying of some horrible disease and in fact actually feel about a zillion times better now that the problem has been found and resolved. So aside from feeling a little silly for being so dramatic, in true 'Sarah' fashion I have had somewhat of an epiphany. Or maybe it's not really an epiphany seeing as it should be so obvious but anyway.

Before I get to my life changing epiphany however, here are some photos of our afternoon at the beach last weekend. We finally all spent an afternoon in the same place all together and had th…