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We were at the airport yesterday saying goodbye to Miss Emily who is off on her very first holiday somewhere by herself! She's gone to stay with family in Victoria, and was oh-so-excited, but oh-so-nervous about the flight. I was actually oh-so-nervous on the way up there because we almost didn't make it!!

The trip normally takes around 45 minutes, give or take a little depending on traffic. We weren't expecting any of that since it was the middle of the day on a Sunday. Man were we ever wrong! An accumulation of events, such as an early morning fire on the side of the freeway, then a crash, then a breakdown, all a few hours apart from each other, along with West Australians' apparent inability to drive in rain meant that the freeway was more like a carpark for a good section. This made our normal 45 to 50 minute trip more like an hour and 20 minutes!!

Thank goodness for online check in though, as I was able to do that while we were 'driving', and then the Awe…