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The Re-Do is Done!

The reorganisation and rearrange is done! It's only taken a month....
But hey, all five kids now have their own rooms which is really no mean feat! We really have not noticed the lack of proper playroom, as Miss Penelope rarely played in there anyway! 
I had been putting off taking photos of it all, as it's summer holidays and that means it is ridiculous trying to keep the house clean and tidy. Kids being home and everything in its place are two statements that are definitely not a match made in heaven. But never fear! I spent the morning tidying up and taking photos and not only do you now get to see how totally awesome our house looks after a bit of a refresh, you also get to see three of the five in their natural school holiday habitat, hahaha.
So on to the photos!
 front entry with Gladys the Galah, and my Jim Morrison drawing

 I actually love the orange glow that our new Mandala print curtain gives the room. And of course, under those sheets is the by now infamous wonder…