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Christmas Decorations!!

Oh my gosh, our house looks so so pretty!!!!

Penelope is epitomising our excitement here in this photo. We are all decorated up, despite the Awesome One's head shaking and muttering that "it's only November for crying out loud!" 
We don't have Thanksgiving here in Australia - if we did I'd wait to decorate. We do normally wait until December 1st, but excitement got the better of us and so we decided that because it would take a few days, we'd jump right in. And so we did. 

And jumping up and down too. Well. I personally am not jumping, but there are some pretty excited kidlets in the house right now. Did I say already, it's all just so pretty!!!

We made a lot of new decorations this year. The Believe sign was done by the Eldest One, who did an awesome job, and I made the twine and twig star hanging on the post. 

I also made the Advent calendar, which I had already posted. I went with a different take th…

Minnehaha Falls!

Today I enrolled in all of the units (well, the first years' worth!) for my teaching degree I'll be recommencing next year! And oh man, what a job that was sorting it all out! I finally got my advanced standing; the credit for the study I've already done, and this meant a year has been taken off the four year degree. But this also meant that the proposed timetable for study was completely off - so I had to check every unit for the entire three years of study and see which semester they would be offered in, and then try and match that up with the compulsory units and my electives! Sounds relatively simple, but every time I thought I had it sorted, I'd check the timetable and discover that the classes were clashing with one another. But of course persistence paid off and I got there in the end! (Well, bar one compulsory unit but I'll worry about that later!). 
Anyway, it's all done now and I'm all enrolled. And I won't be the only one in the family going…