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September Roundup!

Well the end of September is upon us. Halloween is right around the corner and then Christmas will be here. This year has kind of flown by, which is funny considering that I've spent most of the year doing nothing comparatively speaking.  Now that I am 'fixed' though, I feel like I'm making up for lost time. I have spent the month being a taxi service for the children and enjoying it, working, cleaning and loving every minute. Sometimes I get so giddy with feeling like a normal human that I have to remind myself to calm down a little! 
So my Mum came over for a week earlier in the month and while we did all have the flu we still had a great time. We took ourselves off to Ikea, just Mum and I, with NO children which was freaking awesome! I feel like I was relatively controlled, despite there being a gazillion things I loved.  We also went to the zoo! The Eldest One didn't come with us but Myles The Boyfriend of The Social One did. 
We had a really enjoyable day and…