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The Many Faces of Little Miss Penelope.

The last few days have seen me hectically trying to get all my stock organised, paintings finished and displays figured out for the fete that I have a stall at on Saturday. Miss Penelope has been kept amused watching me, in between naps of course! So today she had been asleep for a little while when I heard her start to stir and 'talk' to her self. I figured she was happy so I'd leave her there while I finished a few things off.

When I went in to see her a few minutes later, I was greeted by the biggest smile I could possibly ever have asked for. She was grinning away, arms waving around, legs kicking and it was the cutest most adorable thing. So I got the camera and the little miss obliged me with some cute, some funny and some just plain adorable faces. So I figured I'd share them with you because well....who doesn't love to see photos of Little Miss Penelope and her many facial expressions!?

I'm Not A Morning Person...

The Awesome One is not a morning person either. So you'd think that mornings might be a bit tough here in our crazy household. But actually, they're really not that bad!

I am a routine kinda girl. I love predictability in my life. I can cope with things when they aren't, and I like a bit of spontaneity every now and then, but for the mornings things need to be done the way they're done or it kind of irritates me. Not emotional meltdown like the Little Dude when he tries to deal with stuff that isn't in his routine, but still. I can get  a bit cranky!
I know, you're so surprised right?! Me, cranky?! Never! ;) 

So this is what happens in the mornings here, and it works for us, mostly that is anyway. I get up with Little Miss Penelope at somewhere between 4:30 and 5:30 usually for her bottle. I sit on the couch in a sleep deprived daze, waiting for her to drink her milk so we can go back to bed. She's pretty quick at that time of day, usually drinking what sh…

A little bit of chaos!

It's been almost a week since I posted on here and the reason is simple: this week was chaotic!

We discovered that despite enjoying it very much, baby rice cereal does not agree with Little Miss Penelope!! And that meant everyone was unhappy.

She already has a few digestive issues - nothing major, just a little bit of pooping trouble thanks largely to the extra iron in her formula. (Although to be fair, she had pooping issues when she was still breastfed too!) So apparently when silly Mummy decided to give her rice cereal she didn't take into account the extra iron in that as well, and factor in what that might do to her already delicate digestive disposition!

So by the end of Wednesday I had figured out what the problem was and why my lovely little baby girl was so inconsolable all week. She has cried and cried and cried, and only wanted to be held. Which is all well and good, except for the fact that 1) she's heavy and it's a killer on your back, 2) there is so muc…