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A Bit of Nostalgia

Miss P is sleeping the afternoon away and I'm sitting here feeling a little nostalgic. Wondering how she got so big, well figuratively speaking anyway. She's actually still very little, and she makes people smile when they see her walking around cause she's so tiny. So I thought I'd have a little bit of a ramble and do a family update with one or two photos for you. :)

This morning I felt a little bit special - I had a local journalist come to the house and interview me for my upcoming exhibition. She took some photos and we talked a lot about the show and how exciting it is! She was here for a good hour and when she left I was even more excited about what's to come! She did say they (the local paper) were going to try and get a photographer out to the exhibition either on opening night, or at some point during the two weeks and maybe do a follow up post.

The story was going to be in the local paper next week with a small article in their monthly what's on maga…

The Beach and some Dinosaurs!

While it's been fairly chaotic around here lately, we've still managed to get the kids out of the house just a little bit. We took the Little Dude and Miss P up to see the dinosaur interactive exhibit at the museum last weekend. It was alright, not sure that it was worth the $50 entry charge, but hey, Little Dude thought it was awesome so maybe it was.

You would never know it by the expression, but he actually was very excited! All I could think of when I looked across at him on the train was how much like his Grandad he looked right then. Not just the checked shirt, but the crossed arms and expression.....

 Penelope Wonderwoman was happy to show her excitement however, not that she knew what she was excited about haha!

 That's better!! These two were apparently a little scary - the dinosaurs in the exhibit were full size and they roared and moved their arms, heads and mouths. So we could see why it suggested that it wasn't really suitable for kids under 5.

 The smi…