Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Bit of Nostalgia

Miss P is sleeping the afternoon away and I'm sitting here feeling a little nostalgic. Wondering how she got so big, well figuratively speaking anyway. She's actually still very little, and she makes people smile when they see her walking around cause she's so tiny. So I thought I'd have a little bit of a ramble and do a family update with one or two photos for you. :)

This morning I felt a little bit special - I had a local journalist come to the house and interview me for my upcoming exhibition. She took some photos and we talked a lot about the show and how exciting it is! She was here for a good hour and when she left I was even more excited about what's to come! She did say they (the local paper) were going to try and get a photographer out to the exhibition either on opening night, or at some point during the two weeks and maybe do a follow up post.

The story was going to be in the local paper next week with a small article in their monthly what's on magazine, but instead they have decided to do a longer feature in the magazine. Miss P even got in a few of the photos, playing with paintbrushes on the floor while she took photos of me at my easel! Can't wait till it's out and I can read the interview!!

Everything is pretty much ready for the show, I'm just waiting on the brochures to arrive from the printers.

Miss Emily and the Little Dude are just busy being kids at the moment. Emily is getting excited about starting high school next year, and this year being the last one of her primary school years. She's becoming firmly entrenched in that almost teen but not quite 'girlness'. Too old for little kid stuff, too young for older teen stuff. Sometimes I look at her and wonder how on earth she got to be this age. Last I looked she was still singing along to Dora The Explorer and counting to ten in Spanish I swear!

And Little Dude has finally become a typical little boy. He's noisy and just a little bit obnoxious in the way apparently only boys can be. He thinks making farting noises out of his armpit is hilarious, and irritating his older sisters is his mission in life. He's become kind of gangly finally and his friends are becoming more important and more of an influence on him..... *sigh*......

The Social One has signed up for a trip to New Zealand next year with school. A group of 22 year 11 and 12's will be going to Queenstown for 8 days to ski. How on earth is she old enough to fly to another country without me?! And I am already waiting for the inevitable broken arm or leg, because while she wants to try everything she possibly can....she's just as clumsy as her mother! Not sure how skiing and Eden will fit together, but we'll see hey?

The Eldest One is pretty much off living her life right now. She's 17 in eleven days time. She is having weekly driving lessons now and spending so much more time at friends houses and just being away from us. She does still hang out with us at night, but it feels weird when she gets behind the drivers' seat and I watch her drive up the street, and when I hear her talk about being 18 next year.... officially an 'adult'.....

Matthew, aka The Awesome One has finally started at the new store and his hours are a bit all over the place but I think it'll end up meaning he gets to spend more time with his Little Miss. And he's only 5 minutes away from home, which is pretty cool too. The new hours meant we got to get Miss P's passport photos done together yesterday....she was kind of tired but that was a good thing! She didn't wriggle and the photographer got the shot straight away! Now we just need to fill out her passport application and pay the fee and we're literally all good to go for our trip!

Hopefully they'll all get some decent use from their passports: I'm hoping to be able to do two exhibitions overseas next year with a couple of local artists. One definitely in Minneapolis, and one either in the US or in the UK......     So if anyone has any suggestions on a good place to exhibit, and fundraising ideas throw them my way!

And lastly I'll leave you with a photo of a miserable Rex.... he is a bit wounded at the moment. He somehow has managed to rip a chunk of skin off his back, which is both weird and disgusting. It's been cleaned and pumped full of antiseptic. It doesn't seem to be bothering him too much but he's not overly happy. Here he is cuddling up to Miss P's giant toy dog. I think he actually is loving the attention, and being in the house so much though! Makes me wonder if it's possible for a dog to milk a situation like people can, haha!!

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Monday, 4 August 2014

The Beach and some Dinosaurs!

While it's been fairly chaotic around here lately, we've still managed to get the kids out of the house just a little bit. We took the Little Dude and Miss P up to see the dinosaur interactive exhibit at the museum last weekend. It was alright, not sure that it was worth the $50 entry charge, but hey, Little Dude thought it was awesome so maybe it was.

You would never know it by the expression, but he actually was very excited! All I could think of when I looked across at him on the train was how much like his Grandad he looked right then. Not just the checked shirt, but the crossed arms and expression.....

 Penelope Wonderwoman was happy to show her excitement however, not that she knew what she was excited about haha!

 That's better!! These two were apparently a little scary - the dinosaurs in the exhibit were full size and they roared and moved their arms, heads and mouths. So we could see why it suggested that it wasn't really suitable for kids under 5.

 The smile says it all..... although apparently it wasn't as thrilling for all involved!

 Miss P was a little unsure of this little dinosaur that kept shaking it's head = she was copying it, but wasn't too sure about going closer.

Her big brother came to the rescue though and reassured her it was fine. 

 Then they played together in the dino dig.... he was unimpressed to not find anything and she was not overly sure that she liked the sand at all!!!!

 But they did both enjoy the day out and that's the main thing!

Then yesterday the Awesome One took all the kidlets to the beach while I worked on my very last painting for my upcoming exhibition. Sam took some great photos for me, and so you all get to see them too now!

 We have had a few days now of amazing winter weather! There is honestly nothing better than beautiful blue winter skies, and the gorgeous blue-green water when it's calm like this. This is what makes me love Western Australia so much.

 She seems a little unsure of the wet sand....

Haha, great photo bomb Eden!

 Really loving this photo

 Something about the beach reminds people that though they think they are all grown up at 12 and a half, it's really okay to be a kid.

 And it seems digging in the sand is the thing to do, whether you're 9 or 1.

 She got bowled over by a little wave and got all wet, so off came the dress!

Taking advice from her older sister....

And I just love this photo. My three youngest babies walking up the beach path, so so so adorable.<3

In other news, the Eldest One finally got a new job! She had left Hungry Jacks because they were a bunch of idiots, and hadn't really tried all that hard to get another one. But she's now working at the little Chinese food place just around the corner, which means she can walk to work!!! Yay for not having to be a taxi! And she is very relieved because it means she'll actually have some of her own spending money for our trip to the States in November (she was panicking a bit about that, hahaha!).

And speaking of that, we have now booked the final flights for said trip! So we're all good to go, Perth- Sydney-LA-Washington DC-Minneapolis-LA-Brisbane-Perth. Phew!!! Lots of frequent flyer miles! :) Just over 3 months to go, how exciting!!!

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