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How to: Baby Sleep Sack (for next to nothing!)

Penelope loves her sleeping bags, or sacks or whatever you'd like to call them. I love them because it means that in the really hot weather she can wear just a nappy and her sleeping bag and I know in the middle of the night when it cools off a little, she won't get chilly but rather will still have that light layer on.  It will also mean in the cold weather she'll have that extra layer on so that when she kicks off her blanket, she again won't wake up cold! But they are expensive! Ranging from between $30 at the cheapest end on sale, to well over $100 they make for an expensive blanket/bodysuit! And considering the Little Miss is somewhat of a chucker (read, spews milk on a more than frequent basis) they really can't be worn two nights in a row without a wash in between.  I don't wash her clothes everyday so......

We had three sleep sacks and we were managing although I was saying I needed a couple more. Then we lost one. Don't ask. Something to do with a…

Penelope Eats Some Toast!

On Friday Penelope and I went to have lunch with The Awesome One and she seemed very interested in my sandwich so I figured I'd give her some to try. She was very impressed, so when we got up on Saturday morning and realised we had no Weetbix for brekky it seemed as good a time as any to try her on some toast.

A little bit of margarine and Vegemite, at first taste the look was a little bit of  "what the?!", but after some deliberation she opened her mouth for more and seemed to be very impressed!

It's pretty funny to watch her try and chew the little pieces of toast. When I gave her the whole square she just wanted to suck it to death, so I stuck with breaking off little pieces and feeding them to her. It worked much better.

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Would You Like Me Any Better, If I Was Eddie Vedder?

It's been almost two weeks since I posted anything on here and I am very sorry, but I have a good reason!! We have been (as per usual) very busy. After The Eldest One came back from her little jaunt interstate, we ran around like crazy people getting everything finished up and ready for school to start. Then a couple of days after that my Mum came over so that she could babysit for us because we had tickets to see the awesomer than awesome Mr Eddie Vedder! And not only did we 'have tickets', but we had tickets for two nights in a row!!! (And in case you were wondering, the title of this post is a lyric from a Local H song titled Eddie Vedder. The Awesome One was singing it a lot over the past week or so, so it's stuck in my head. And no....I wouldn't like him any better if he was Eddie Vedder, but I do so love EV. ;) )

So my wonderful mother got on a plane and flew across the country to watch Little Miss Penelope (and the others, although to be fair they could hav…