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Well, winter has well and truly hit Perth, even though it's technically still Autumn. As I type this, I'm snuggled under the worlds' best blanket on the couch, looking at the grey, grey clouds outside.

I pretty much haven't  moved since Friday. The Awesome One bought me this amazing, beautiful and warm vintage 1950's eiderdown for Mothers' Day, and I got about a gazillion pairs of slipper socks. The weather peeps said that there was a big cold front and storm that was going to take over the South West part of the state from Friday night until about Thursday this week. They weren't wrong. It's cold! (Well... comparatively speaking for where we live that is!) It's also wet and windy. So in order to cut back on our heating bill this winter, I am making an effort to have the heater on less. I have so far succeeded in not turning it on, although it's getting close. Miss Penelope doesn't really feel the cold, thanks to her Minnesota blood, and I&…