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International Travel with Five Kids!

It's now only 16 days until we fly out and begin our first international trip as a family. We've had a number of comments in the lead up to this, mostly people expressing surprise, trepidation and some disbelief that we are traveling as a family of 7. So I thought I'd try and dispel some of those 'concerns' that other people seem to have! 

I will say, we are extremely organised for this trip. Mostly because I'm a little bit of a freak when it comes to needing to feel in control. I have lists to keep track of the lists of stuff I've made! Well, maybe not but almost. I have been planning this since before we booked the tickets which was all the way back in February!  First off, we did our homework when it came to the tickets. We spent literally months watching flight prices on several booking websites like Skyscanner and Expedia. We also didn't use credit for the tickets. We saved for around a year and had enough for the biggest chunk of the cost, the in…

How To Make A Life Size Halloween Mummy for Under $50

I was planning on making another Halloween 'thing' this year, but between all the stuff we've had going on lately plus it being only FOUR weeks until we leave for the States, it's just not going to happen. So instead I'm going to repost my Halloween Mummy tutorial from my old art blog. I can't wait to get Morris or Mortimor or was itAhkmenrah, the Mummy out of storage. At the moment he is wrapped up tightly in some black plastic gargbage bags in the shed. He actually really looks like a dead body which is kind of creepy in itself...maybe that's what I'll make next year.....
Anyway........   Here is my tutorial on how to make a Mummy for Halloween!

As you all know and I've said many times, I love Halloween. So this year I thought I'd make a Mummy. I am extremely happy with how he turned out, he was cheap and easy to make, although he was a little more time intensive than I had thought it would be. Materials were easy to find and very inexpensiv…

It's October Already!

I cannot believe it. In exactly 5 weeks' time, actually almost to the minute, we'll be heading out the door to begin our trip to the US!

This year has seriously flown by. And on that note, did you realise it's been a year that I've been writing this blog!? And today also marks Miss Penelope's 15 month birthday. She's such a big girl now, it just goes so fast. It makes me sad really. I mean, I'm happy but I'm sad. I miss her being a baby baby already.

She does provide us with so much amusement though, and she astounds us everyday with her intelligence. Remember we said she was going to take over the world? Here is a picture of her plotting that world takeover....

Anyway.... she is 15 months old and a little whirlwind! We've been pretty busy / excited about the upcoming trip, and today we got one of the last things needed - a little backpack for the big (well... actually still really little) Miss P. Okay, maybe we didn't really need to get her a …