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Solo Exhibition, and a Raffle too, plus some Little Miss P.

Well hasn't the last month been super hectic?! For us it has anyway, here's what's been taking all our time up:

My very first solo exhibition featuring 25 pieces which are currently on display at the Rockingham Arts Centre, here in Rockingham Western Australia.

We spent Thursday and Friday the 11th and 12th September setting up the gallery, and then the exhibition opened on Saturday 13th. Opening night was fantastic and a couple of works were sold. Drinks were had, food was eaten and I gave a little speech (which had me so nervous I thought I might vomit, but I didn't thankfully!). Art was talked about and all in all it was an amazing night and such a wonderful experience.

Here are some photos of opening night!

Plenty of raffle tickets have also been purchased during the exhibition. What raffle? I'm so glad you asked!! I am raffling one of my paintings to raise some money to help with medical expenses for a couple of awesomely special little girls. In fact, many …