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Time To Say Goodbye

Hey Folks out there in internet land. This year is heading towards a close and it's got me thinking about what I had hoped to achieve this year and what I haven't gotten done....
In the last few years we've been thrown some pretty major shit and each year end I say "good riddance to this  year and here's to next year being better!" And the next year isn't better so it's getting kind of old. 
Since 2012 (so five years), we've dealt with 3 miscarriages, an extremely difficult pregnancy that apparently should have resulted in two babies but didn't, a busted back, an ectopic pregnancy that nearly cost me my life and did cost my fertility. That was followed by pneumonia then a Femoral hernia. In addition to that, we've had to deal with me losing the ability to use my right leg and foot for over a year, more damage to my back, more hospital visits than I can count and stress beyond all belief. There has also been stress from teenage kids who we…

My Near Death Experience!

Today, I nearly died! Today, the one thing I have been dreading my whole entire life, actually happened and yes, it was literally as bad as I had imagined all these years. 
Today, I was casually minding my own business (well, checking out other people's business on Instagram, but still) sitting on the couch when all of a sudden I felt it. Something was ON ME! 
I have been having nightmares about this exact scenario my whole life. In my head, a giant spider falls down on me and I completely lose my shit and die a fast but painful death by heart attack brought on by pure, unadulterated fear.  In reality, a very small spider appeared from absolutely nowhere to run right between my boobs and scare the bejesus out of me and I didn't die, I didn't even have a mild heart murmur or anything of the sort. I simply slapped myself silly like a true crazy person then sat there panting like one of the dogs after they've attacked each other for an hour. 

So umm yeah, there you go.