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Memories From My Childhood

It's really late and try as I might, I just can't get my brain to switch off so I can sleep. I was thinking about something I am doing for The Eldest One's 19th birthday which is only 11 days away. And then, as usually happens my thoughts started wandering in an odd fashion and I ended up thinking about my own childhood. 
I was one of those lucky kids. You know the ones who just have a really happy home. I remember being a teenager and hearing a couple of my friends talk about how much they hated their parents and I just couldn't relate. I loved my parents; my Dad was my world even as a moody teenager. Sure, there were your typical weird dysfunctional oddities between my siblings and I, and probably plenty of times where I resented my Mum or Dad for this or that as all kids do at some point. But I truly loved my home and my family and I at some level understood and appreciated just how lucky I was and how good I had things. 
I remember being really little, well, I'…