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We Have An 18 Year Old!!!

A bit over a week ago, the Eldest One turned 18. EIGHTEEN!!!! I'm not quite sure when that happened, the last time I checked I swear she was 12. Anyway, she is now an adult, well, in the eyes of the law at least! She had a bit of a party this weekend just gone. We were somewhat nervous, considering the frequency of raucous parties from kids of that age that you see on the news lately, but we really needn't have worried. It was actually a comparatively quiet evening, and by 12:30am, all were gone home (well, except for the few that ended up sleeping in their cars on our front lawn! But hey, at least they weren't drink driving!).  So here are a few snaps from the birthday dinner and then a really really, really ridiculously cute video of Miss Penelope 'going to the shops to get a donkey'.

Trying to get a good photo of all five of them proves completely elusive, especially now Miss Penelope has learned a new 'smile'. Interesting to say the least.....