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Videos of Penelope!

I figured out how to actually get videos up so here you go! A few little videos of Miss Penelope just being Miss Penelope!  I know there's lots of family wishing they could see her grow so maybe this will make you all smile. :)

(Don't mind the little bits of upchuck at the end of the second and third vids. She's just a spew machine some days!!)

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A little note from my Dad......

We all stand on the hands of the clock face of time. At first, when we are young the hands moved slowly, then as the dramas of our lives unfolded, the hands of time seem to speed up and there never seemed to be enough time to do all of the things that living a life requires in this crazy world. Every now and then we took a moment to reflect on the things that have happened in our own little world, we watched as our children grew from babies to adulthood, and we wondered where the time had gone, and this is the place that I find myself in now. The doorway has opened to the autumn of my life. I look back through weary eyes, and I reflect on the things that were, those that I knew, and those whose lives were never fulfilled. I am at the final fork on the road of my life and I wonder as to where it shall lead me.

I recently wrote a book about my journey through life. It starts out with me as a child in an orphanage in the 1950's …

In A Hurry To Grow Up.....

Noooooo!!!!! It wasn't supposed to happen. Little Miss Penelope was supposed to stay a baby for as long as absolutely possible. She on the other hand, doesn't agree with this prospect and wants to get bigger as quickly as possible!

She's been crawling properly for a little over two weeks now and she's a maniac about it. It's so funny how one minute they can still be figuring it all out and the next minute they're zooming off around the floor like there's no tomorrow at breakneck speed! Well, this Tuesday just gone she decided she would stand up. I was not a happy camper let me tell you! She did it a couple of times, pulling herself up on the furniture, being all wobbly and then falling down. But then she didn't do it for a couple of days so I relaxed a bit.

Then yesterday she decided "bugger this, I'm going to be a big kid!". And she stood up several times over the course of the afternoon and evening. She thought she was the bees knees, a…

Liebster Awards, and Some Penelope Photos!

There is apparently this thing called a Liebster Award in the blogosphere: It's not really an award, I think it's more like a bloggy online version of a get-to-know-you lunch.....or something.....

Anyway, I've been nominated for this twice in the last month which is pretty cool I guess. You're supposed to answer questions that have been set for you, then nominate a bunch of other bloggers and ask them similar questions. The concept seems a little random to me, so I'm going to answer the questions but I'm not going to go through the whole nominate and ask others stuff. Who knows, you might just learn something about little old me that you never knew!

Jules over at Life Through A Lens, and Asha from It's Just Asha have both set questions for me. Some overlap so I'll just answer one version of each!! BTW, if you're into beauty blogs go see Asha, if you like lifestyle/photography definitely check out Jules!

Ok, so here goes:

1: What is your favourite mo…

Little Dude Turns 9!!

So I got yelled at a little bit after the last post. The Awesome One was reading it and turned to me and said two things.....

"You do realise how crazy you are, right?"


"Not even an obligatory random cute picture of Little Miss P?!"

So in response:

"I don't care how crazy I sound, that's just me. Take it or leave it."

And included in this post are a couple of random obligatory pictures of the Little Miss. Except they aren't really random.....

Anyway, yesterday was Little Dude's birthday. He turned 9, which I just can't quite believe. We got him this giant 1/10th scale model T-Rex. BEST PRESENT EVER apparently. High praise indeed!!

 He's been so excited, counting down for weeks now till his birthday.

 Little Miss P was very interested in what was going on!

 The box was huge! Bigger than he is, he could barely extend his arms all the way to unwrap it!

 Don't mind the blurriness, I just love the expression on her face!

 She …