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20 days since blogging, my goodness I'm slack!!

Well....I don't know that I'd actually say slack so much as always busy, but either way it's time for an update!

What have we been up to in the last few weeks? I've been working on getting my back better, going to physio weekly and will be starting Clinical Pilates tomorrow. I also have a back brace to wear when painting or doing anything else that makes my back hurt. I wish I'd had it sooner, I really do. It was suggested to me way back when I first hurt my back, but seeing as the doc didn't seem to think it would help I didn't get one. My physiotherapist said it would help and am I ever glad I took her advice! Best thing ever!!

And then aside from the normal chaos that ensues around here, we had a party to get organised for! The lovely Miss Marny was turning 40 and her sneaky husband organised for a couple of us to make this awesome cake, and get a whole heap of stuff done for her big bash. Now, Marnster is a bit of a football fan (that's Aussie Rule…

Just Loving Life!

Today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining, and it's about 23 degrees (which is about 73 for all you non-Aussies out there).  I feel great! The TV is off and the music is on, front and back doors are open and a it's literally a breath of fresh air wafting through the house. There is a delicious aroma lingering from the beef that's bubbling away in the slow cooker for dinner tonight, and it really is just one of those glorious days that makes you realise how amazing life really is.

Maybe it's the fact that my back is feeling so much better, maybe it's the music I've been listening to lately or maybe it's something totally intangible but I just love my life. It occurs to me often these days just how lucky I am. I truly and completely love my life. I have a beautiful family who bring me joy everyday and I get to paint and draw instead of going to sit in an office or something similar.  I have a small, but big enough, group of friends who make me smile and l…