Day 34

Today, I questioned my sanity. Several times. 

We (I) chose this gorgeous blue for Penelope Wonderwomans' walls and it is such a stunning colour. 

However, it is a nightmare to use. 

The coverage is so bad - I love the colour so much, but I did find myself thinking today "what if I just chose another colour and redid the whole thing". I actually think it would have been done in the same amount of time haha. 

But I got there! Her walls resemble the deep of the ocean blue and her door is a lovely bright orange. The pink ceiling just finishes it off and I am so happy with it! More importantly though, Penelope is so happy with it. The Eldest One and Little Dude helped her put her new big girl bed up, and while the teal of that looks greener than I'd like against the blue walls, it still looks amazing. 

She lay on her new bed (looking ridiculously tiny) and declared "I LOVE MY NEW BIG GIRL ROOM AND BED!"

The Ever Awesome Husband spent the day softening old lino flooring with a heat gun to loosen the adhesive and has gotten about half way there I'd say. The flooring underneath is such a gorgeous red hued Jarrah, it is going to look amazing! And yay for Jarrah being an extremely hard wood, so it will stand up to the dogs no problems. 

I might be feeling a tad overwhelmed and feeling like we (I) are/am insane for painting/ripping up flooring/running a business/winter rain/school holidays/taking the dogs with us to the new house everyday/boxes everywhere/chaos reigning supreme ... BUT ... it is so worth it. 


  1. I need a photo of her in her 'big girl bed' :) Colours look good..xxxx


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