School Holiday Fun!

Today is the first day of school for 2016. Can I say YAY!!? Haha, the holidays haven't been too bad actually, but I am definitely happy to see them go back to school and get back to something of a normal routine.
Little Dude is in his final year of Primary School (year 6), and the Social One is doing her final year of High School (year 12). Miss Em is year 9 this year and the Eldest One will be starting her university course by the end of this month. 

We didn't really do too much all seven of us together over the break, mostly because the older girls were always working or out with friends, and the middle two spent a decent amount of time with friends too. We did enjoy a really nice family evening together for my birthday, and we had a couple of movie nights at home here and there too. 

We did manage to get one day though where no one was working and we had a great day out all together! We took the kids up to SciTech, which is one of those places where you get to play with and try out all sorts of interactive science-y things. There is also the Planetarium in the same place, which the kids really enjoyed.

Miss Penelope wasn't feeling great at first. It had been so hot and she really doesn't like the heat, plus she had spent all day outside in her little play pool the day before and had a late night so was pretty tired and cranky.

Some water and apple juice and sugar courtesy of M&M's did the trick though and she was right back to her happy self, enjoying the exhibits with the rest of us. 

The kids got to pretend to be Buzz Lightyear (kind of haha)....

And an astronaut puppy?

They got to see how chickens hatch...

They got to spin around and feel G-forces..

They got to pretend to go to space....

We all got to test our grip strength....

Mine wasn't very good...

And we all had a really great day out. I know that these sorts of days will happen less as the kids get older and do more of their own thing so it makes the days we do have together like this all the more special. 

I'll be back in a few days to share photos of our new car (woo hoo, it's so awesome!), and some of Miss P over the last week or two.


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