I Married Luke from Gilmore Girls!!

Stay with me here peeps. 
So on Thursday night last week my back went out again. Not the I'm-going-to-get-my-drunk-on-and-party kind of out, more like the I'm-a-sadistic-medieval-torturer-and-I'm-going-to-slowly-suck-away-your-will-to-live kind of out. No idea what I did, but at this point I've stopped trying to figure it out and am just trying to function until it feels better again.

So Friday was okay; watched Little Dude get a merit certificate at school assembly, gave both older girls more driving instruction taking them to school and work, tried to move as little as possible at home with Miss P, picked up younger children from school and declared I was not moving for the rest of the evening. 

Saturday morning began with a few tears of self pity, woe is me kind of stuff. Spent the day on the couch, in a semi-supportive semi-reclined position. More pity party stuff as I whinged and moped and generally brought everyone down. 

Sunday began even worse, so I did what any sane person does in this kind of situation. Took some more drugs (the nice floaty, fully prescribed type of course!), and binge watched Gilmore Girls. No more self pity, let's make the most of this, right?! 

So I started with Season Two, which in hindsight was not a good choice because it's seriously my least favourite season. Lorelei is getting engaged to Max, and I really don't like Max and it's all blurrghhhh... But nevertheless, I committed to season two so that's what I watched. And I was about three episodes in when I had the epiphany. 

But first let me explain. Gilmore Girls is AWESOME. I want to live in a town just like Stars Hollow and I want neighbours like Taylor the town bossy boots, and Kirk the town crazy, but not bad crazy. And I want to know someone like Miss Pattie who is so much fun, and it goes on. My favourite characters from the show however have always been Suki, the crazy, clumsy, funny chef (played by the wonderfully hilarious Melissa McCarthy), and Luke. Luke is the owner of the local coffee shop/diner. He's cranky, grouchy at times, stubborn, pessimistic, sarcastic, highly intelligent, caring, loving, shy, quiet, generous, has a pretty cute smile, wears his cap backwards, is kind of grungy and would do anything for the woman he loves (aka Lorelei). 

And so then it hit me. I MARRIED LUKE!!!! The similarities between the character Luke and The Awesome One are quite startling actually. The Eldest One ( who is also a massive Gilmore Girls fan), agreed instantly and wholeheartedly when I suddenly out of nowhere yelled from the couch at the top of my lungs "OMG!! I MARRIED LUKE!!!" She yelled out from her bedroom where she was binge watching Supernatural "OMG!! YOU TOTALLY DID!!!" 

So I heaved my ridiculously broken spine (and the rest of me), off the couch and hobbled to her doorway. "OMG!" says I. "OMG!" says she. "You totally did". I say "I know, and Luke was always my favourite character." "Mine too" says she. And we laugh and I hobble back to my semi-comfortable spot on the couch. 

Meanwhile, The Awesome One is looking at me like I've gone freaking nuts, shaking his head and laughing ever so slightly. 

I look at him, about to say something about how he's so cute or something equally vomit inducing to normal people, and he says with the most deadpan face ever:

"I think the drugs have gotten to you."

And walks away. 


Drugs or not, I totally married Luke and it's the best thing ever. 



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