Let's Change The World!! (or at least make a difference!)

 Not only is Little Miss Penelope 6 and a half months old, it's already almost February!!! School goes back on Monday and while I am glad cause summer holidays are long, these ones have not left me anywhere near as frazzled as they normally do. I think it's because I've been just so busy!

Along with all the other stuff that happens around here, we've been painting the kitchen. Our amazing landlords have yet to say no to anything we've asked of them. They installed a new aerial for us, let us put a ginormous wall mount up for the tv, had pest control people around even though I don't think we've had any pests! They installed a new garage door, send the lawnmower man around every three weeks to do the lawns, sent handymen around to replace the clothes line, fix electrical outlets, change and fix taps, they re-tiled part of the bathroom and repainted after it leaked at the very start of our tenancy and probably more stuff that I'm forgetting. In short, they've been quite amazing landlords and to top it off they said "sure you can paint the walls and the cupboards!!" 

We had to keep the walls reasonably neutral but other than that had basically free reign. So we started with the kitchen and as soon as it's properly finished I'll do a post and show you all before and after! 

I've also been busy working on petitioning our Government to change their parameters for the Royal Commission into child abuse in care for the Forgotten Australians. You all know about my Dad's book, and if you would click this link, you can read about what I'm asking the Government to do. It would mean a lot to me if you could sign my petition. One lone voice cannot speak loudly enough to gain attention, but many voices speaking together can create quite the roar. So please, if you have 30 seconds to spare sign my petition to the Prime Minister of Australia. You don't need to be Australian, every signature counts.

While I'm on the 'let's change the world' kick, it would also be amazing if you could check out fundraising for a gorgeous little family member, Miss Briley. She is the same age as Penelope, give or take a couple of weeks. She has Cystic Fibrosis and her wonderful Uncle and Aunty have organised a massive stair climb in Minneapolis to raise funds for research into CF.  You can read more about that here, and if you could spare even $5 or $10 it would be awesome. Many advances have already been made in the last 15 years, if a cure is found in the next 15 or so, Briley's life expectancy will go from just 35 to the same as the rest of us!!

Ok, so now on to some photos of Little Miss Penelope! She had her 6 month immunisations yesterday and so far, while a bit off and cranky, she has been much happier in their aftermath than previous ones. She does love wearing her Daddy's cap, and while she moves so much these days that it's hard to get a photo not blurry, she does look kinda cute!

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