A School Award and A Visit To Santa!

Last week was the final week of school for the year (yay!!). To conclude the school year, the primary school where the younger children go holds an awards ceremony. This ceremony celebrates the achievements of students who have worked to the best of their abilities throughout the entire year. Only two students from each class are given the award and a few weeks ago we received a letter from the school advising us that Miss Emily would be a recipient of one of these book awards!

It's supposed to be a surprise to the children, they only find out on the day so we had to keep it a secret from her for a couple of weeks. She kept asking what was in the letter and was convinced she was in trouble for something! So last Wednesday I took myself and the Little Miss off to the school in the middle of the morning and watched the Awards Assembly.

She looked so excited (and somewhat relieved that she hadn't done anything wrong no doubt!), and I was very proud of her. I loved the comments her teacher had written on her certificate:

She looks so proud of herself, here with the school principle and the president of the P&C. Awesome job Miss Emily!

And so now that school is done and we can all relax a little bit, we were trying to find time to take the kidlets to see Santa. It turns out that is quite difficult to arrange! With The Eldest One working a lot, plus the social lives of the others, and The Awesome One's work schedule as well it has proven quite difficult to find a time to go see Santa all together!!

We were avoiding the 'big' Santa at the main shopping centre like the plague because of the crowds, and let's face it: Santa is Santa when you are little! So we had to work around work and party schedules and Santa's own schedule and in the end we realised that if we wanted to get there, it was going to happen without The Eldest One. Which was a little sad, but she was perfectly fine with it. (She is 16 after all!).  So yesterday we took everyone minus one, up to see Santa at the local shopping centre. He was a very cheery Santa; he extolled the virtues of Lego and dissed One Direction (the band) all in one go! He explained that he has had requests for both of those things more than anything else so far this year!

Penelope was not fazed in the slightest bit, quite happily sitting in Santa's ample arms. We even got a few smiles from her! The Boy on the other hand proved that his idiosyncrasies are still alive and well by not wanting to go anywhere near Santa! You can see him sat in front in the picture; that's as close as he would get!

He wouldn't even come close enough to take a lollipop! Santa had to stretch out to give it to him.

I'll be back after Christmas with more posts from our crazy, insane wonderful family! (I'm pretty sure one of the first posts will be about the Little Miss sitting up and being almost on the move already)! In the meantime I hope everyone's Christmas is filled with fun and love and a little bit of craziness to boot!

Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy Wonderful New Year To You All!

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  1. Sitting Up!!! Oh my, good job I'll be there in a few weeks.....growing way too quick, talk to you soon..xxx

    1. Haha, yep! She's sitting with cushions and rolling around the floor too! February isn't long away. :)


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