The Case Of The Leaking Toilet

Do you ever have one of those moments where you're just like 'fml, kill me now'?

I mean, obviously not actually but seriously I am SO OVER LEAKS!

Yes, we bought an old house and yes I love it, I really do. But honestly, the rain needs to go the fudge away and all of the leaking stuff, needs to STOP FREAKING LEAKING!!!

So when we moved in and it started raining the ridiculous monsoonal-neverending-noahsarktype rain we discovered that Emily's room leaks. And so we tried to fix it.

But we couldn't because it wouldn't stop raining and the fix requires us to take multiple roof tiles off and fix the stuff underneath. And we can't do that if it won't stop raining. And it seriously won't freaking stop for long enough to get that done.

So we're left with stinky carpet that needs replacing, a leaking roof/wall that won't stop and eternal frustration.

But that's not all.

The bathroom taps were/are on the list to be replaced and would've been already, except for you know, money. So the sink taps, well really just the hot tap drips constantly. The shower head drips unless you turn it off so tight that the boy can't turn it on himself. The kitchen sink drips even when you turn it off till your hand hurts and the toilet had been leaking out of the base.

We had the plumber replace the toilet and fix the kitchen taps because they were the worst ones and he said the dripping in the bathroom needed new taps to fix it. Only it turns out that still didn't fix those drips!

I realised the toilet pipe thing that goes from the cistern to the bowl was leaking when you flush, so I put bathroom silicon all around it. FIXED!

Nope. It still leaked.

So I siliconed the crap out of it again (no pun intended), confident that would fix it.


I'm down on my hands and knees bending my neck into the world's most awkward position to see the pipe, and I realise it's coming out of the TOP of the screw joint in the pipe. *SIGH*

Get the silicon out again and realise the top plastic bit comes off the toilet seat so I didn't need to break my neck trying to see under the toilet.

More silicon, this time I smear that stuff everywhere. That's gotta fix it, right?

Well, sort of.

Walked in there last night and was all like, "Yes! No leaks when I flush, I am a GENIUS!" Except I look under the tap that sits next to the cistern and there is FREAKING WATER COMING OUT OF IT!

And I'm all like, "WTF!!!!"

So I give up. I'm just going to put a bucket under the tap and call it a day. Dry feet are overrated anyway.


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