Days 64 - 66

August 4 - 6 2017

So remember how we were going to build a couple of tiny house studios in the back yard?

Well we aren't doing that anymore.

Instead, the Eldest One is staying living away from home - which is actually much better for our relationship.

And the Social One will be living in a vintage caravan that we bought on Friday!

Way easier and considering the old septic tank placement in the yard, considerably less potentially gross. The City and the plumber were both pretty adamant about the fact that while the tanks were supposed to be emptied when the house was converted to sewer on the 90s, there is a high likelihood that they weren't. And we can't build anything anywhere near them unless we make sure ....

So yeah ... not overly upset about just getting a camper instead! Septic tanks, full or empty, can stay safely in the ground and un-messed with.

I also finished painting the black cornices in the kitchen and hallway, made plans for the vintage Flamingo mural in the bathroom and the tropical leaf mural in the bedroom AND bought an original 50s anodised aluminium light fixture in PINK!!

It's going to look amazing in the kitchen.

In other news, Miss Penelope has become quite the expert dressing herself, the dogs now spend their time alternating between actual dog like behaviour and something resembling sloths.

Also, we have a wonderful variety of creatures in the yard, despite the dogs. We have seen green tree frogs, lizards, spiders, worms, lorikeets, galahs and cockatos, and on Friday added Stick Insects to that list. 


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