JUNE 1ST 2017

It's June 1st. 

Revelation time: Life Doesn't Stop. 

It's not a new blog, but it's a new start for this blog. 
From today, June 1st 2017 this blog is about our goals and achievements, rather than whining or complaining that life hasn't dealt us the hand we hoped for. 

So here goes: 

I am about to be held publicly accountable to the goals I am committing to today. 

They are: 

Practice Gratefulness Every Day. 

Use this blog to post a quick photo update everyday, just like Facebook but without the distraction and chaos that I see over there. 

Remember to count our blessings rather than focusing on things we can't change. 

Doing one simple sketch a day, every day. 

I am also going to be taking ten minutes a day to read, something I love doing and haven't done in a very long time. That's not really something others can hold me accountable for online, but still. 

Half way through 2017, and I have finally decided that saying "I'll get to that one day, when I have time I'll do that, I can't do that because..." Saying all of those has stopped today. 

I downloaded the Blogger app so I can post an update from my phone just like Instagram and Facebook. So starting today, I'll be posting a quick update with photos, for those who care to read it, every single day. 

My ultimate goal, the end game if you like? 
Be a better person. Be a better, calmer, happier wife and mother, and a more productive and efficient CEO of our business. 

So I am thinking of this 'blog a day/sketch a day' idea as kind of a Project Life on the internet. Project life is about documenting your daily life in photo albums, rather than only taking photos of special occasions, or not taking them at all. This will be like that, except online. I am committing to it for a year to begin with, 365 days. 

I hope you'll all stick around for this journey, and I hope you'll help me stay accountable. 

Thanks for being there for our journey so far, and here's to Day 1.


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