Day 29

July 29 2017

Miss Em went to Victoria today to see her Nana and Grandad for a week. She's been so excited about this trip. She had paid for it with her own money and has been counting down the days.

We left with a decent amount of time and made it to the airport with the perfect gap for bag drop and getting through security. Except that Jetstar bag drop was SO SLOW.

Nevermind though, it was all good and we made our way up to the gate to wait for boarding. Here in Australia you can go through security and get to the gates for either departures or arrivals for domestic flights. And our security process is so much easier too. No taking shoes off or stress - they even let you carry your coffee through! (I put it in the tray for them to xray but they said to carry it haha. )

She ended up being delayed on the tarmac for a good half hour or so but she made it safely over to her Grandparents 4 ish hours later.


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