Day 12

June 12th 2017

Ahhh Monday. Start of the working week, just another day when you work for yourself.
But what Monday does mean here in my little world, is .... drumroll please .... TWIN PEAKS DAY!!!

So if you don't know what that is you can google it and have my supreme condolences for missing out. Anyway, a little trip to Kmart for some paper today and this little pink flamingo neon light jumped right off the shelves and into my hands.

Honestly, it just happened, it was clearly meant to be. After all, who would not want a pink neon flamingo in their home?! Obviously not me, I mean, obviously I wouldn't not want one.

It's so lovely that I brought it into the bedroom while I watched Twin Peaks (because everyone else is weird and doesn't like it). So here for your viewing pleasure, is my beautiful Frankie the Pink Flamingo.
(Yes, I named her. No that's not weird at all). She gives everything a lovely Twin Peaks style glow and she is definitely the best $20 I have ever spent. 💕😍🌵


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