Day 11

June 11th 2017

The Little Dude was off at a friends' house this weekend, and Em went to the movies. With the Social One and the Ever Awesome Husband working, it definitely didn't feel like a Sunday.

Penelope Wonderwoman and I were super productive though, clearing out her bedroom in anticipation of her very much smaller room in the new place. While I still feel like she has an over abundance of toys, she did a great job understanding the concept of donating things she doesn't play with.

We sorted a massive pile and we have successfully reduced her toys to what fits on her shelves. She does still have her kitchen and easel, but everything is organised, neat and is only stuff she actually uses. Then tonight we made labels that have words and pictures for her toy tubs, so she can clean up herself!
She also has been learning the concept of 'something in, something out', so with her birthday coming up I definitely reiterated that a lot today!


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