September Roundup!

Well the end of September is upon us. Halloween is right around the corner and then Christmas will be here. This year has kind of flown by, which is funny considering that I've spent most of the year doing nothing comparatively speaking. 
Now that I am 'fixed' though, I feel like I'm making up for lost time. I have spent the month being a taxi service for the children and enjoying it, working, cleaning and loving every minute. Sometimes I get so giddy with feeling like a normal human that I have to remind myself to calm down a little! 

So my Mum came over for a week earlier in the month and while we did all have the flu we still had a great time. We took ourselves off to Ikea, just Mum and I, with NO children which was freaking awesome! I feel like I was relatively controlled, despite there being a gazillion things I loved. 
We also went to the zoo! The Eldest One didn't come with us but Myles The Boyfriend of The Social One did. 

We had a really enjoyable day and the weather was just perfect too, unlike the rest of the month. It's been the coldest September on record here. I knew I wasn't imaging it and my suspicions were confirmed when the weather chick told us last night on the news. A farmer in the Wheat-belt, where it's normally dry and hot actually made a snowman a couple of days ago! Do you know the likelihood of snow in the Wheat-belt, which is flat inland heading towards desert country? It's like a .000000001 chance or something, aka, IT NEVER SNOWS EVER. And even more so in September. As I look out the window right now, in the middle of the third term school holidays when we could ordinarily be heading to a warm day at the beach, it's raining, windy, cloudy and COLD. They said two days ago that with windchill it was like 3 degrees. THREE DEGREES!!!! What the actual fudge Perth weather, what the actual fudge?! 

Anyway, enough whining about the weather. Onto the news that I couldn't share last blog. Guess who got promoted at work? That's right, The Awesome One is now Training Store Manager! It's more money, more responsibility but best of all it's a really great opportunity. So it's yay all round! 

The Social One officially finished High School. Well, kind of. They're done as she has no exams in the classes she took, and she has handed all her assessments in. But she doesn't officially graduate until November. She has to attend for I think three days in the first week of school next term then that's it. No more school until she figures out where she's at. 

So now here are photos for you. Photos of our trip to the zoo, photos of the awesome Hurricane and the Big Dogs (who have their own Instagram account now!!), and photos of the crazy toddler Penelope Wonderwoman. 

Enjoy. <3

A rare photo of Miss Em on one of the very few nice days we've had this month. 

The Boy showing off some weapon he made himself (non working obviously!!)

Miss Penelope being Penelope

The puppies. 

So it turns out we have more Halloween decorations than I thought we did. Not a bad thing, just an observation.

This is the R2-D2 sculpture I mentioned last post. It's not finished yet as the competition was postponed till after the school holidays, but it's getting there!!

We are slowly getting there convincing Miss P that her hair should be slightly tamed most days. I mean, she doesn't have to go crazy and you know, brush it straight or anything, but either gentle brushing or a ponytail should happen. She's kind of coming around to that way of thinking. 

Couple selfie, just because we can. 

So this is what the other living room looked like for nearly a week. Sick kids, cold weather and netflix on constantly. It was really gross. 

She loves her balance bike, as you can tell by the fact that in the photo above it's on her bed and the photo below she's on it. She rides it everywhere. Seriously, she does.. 

So she was happy about going to the zoo. Just didn't want anyone to know she was happy about it. 

Everyone else was happy! The Social One, The Boyfriend and Miss Em were in the car behind us. The Boyfriend was driving - we are getting old!!

The first part of the zoo sightseeing was all fine and dandy....

especially when the Echidnas were out in full force and we saw an Albino kangaroo!

Miss Penelope was excited to show us how they hop.

She waved at the kangaroos, while The Boy ascertained that he is indeed still short. 

It was about now that the toddler decided she'd had enough. So after an hour or so of her 'having enough' we'd all just about had it too. 

And man oh man, you've never seen a more relieved bunch of people than when the toddler finally succumbed to her exhaustion and passed out. 

She those smiles? That's relief in those faces. 

And see this adorable little face? This is what you get when your Mummy can take you out somewhere by herself!! When she can drive there and get stuff and do all the things a normal Mummy is supposed to. You are then rewarded with an adorable, beautiful, sweet little face smiling at you saying "Mummy I love you!" and all is right with the world again. <3

And then there's this sweet little face! The Hurricane is a bit over four months old now. She is totally living up to her name but is totally worth it. And by the way, in case you're interested, you can totally follow hers and the Big Dogs' exploits on Instagram. We set up an account just for them, because well, because we could! If you search for @templeofthehurricane you'll find her. 

And being that it's almost October, we can't have a post without any Halloween build up! So here is Miss P playing with some eyeballs, and a couple of images of our already decorated home! 

If you want to see more, then head over to Bohemian Ink Design, which is the new blog I've set up to go with the business over on Etsy. We just shared the Home Tour so you should have a look!

And here's some more Miss P. See how cold it's been? We are wearing BEANIES to the supermarket, it's THAT cold!!

Again with the Penelope Wonderwoman photos, this time she was helping The Boyfriend wash the car. See, he has been all entrepreneurial and set up his own car detailing business which is doing very well. (If you want to have a look, go here). So he was washing my car and being very patient with Miss P who was 'helping'. AKA not really helping at all, just making things dirtier. So then I thought "ohhh!!" and suggested she wash her car. That idea was completely welcomed and then Myles, aka The Boyfriend of The Social One was able to finish cleaning the car for us! 

And then that brings us to yesterday-ish. She decided that she really wanted to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, even though after ten minutes she gets scared and turns it off. So she watches the start over and over. But I left the room for just a minute and came back to her singing along happily with Nutella all over her face. She was oblivious as to why I nearly wet my pants laughing. 

So here we are at last night, picking up Miss Em and The Social One from there respective jobs, and I thought it would be  nice to take the doggies with me! The Hurricane was very very very excited, having never been in the back of the car, and having never been out with the Big Dogs either. The other dogs liked it too, but I don't think as much as she did! She hasn't been for walks yet either, but only one more week! The vet said there has been a lot of cases of Parvo around and so we had to wait two weeks after he last vaccination. So that will be next Friday. Then we get to teach her to walk on a leash. That might be fun. Maybe. Probably not. 

So there you have it, you're all caught up! And in the hours and hours it's taken me (with distractions) to write this post, it's STILL raining. STILL RAINING DO YOU HEAR ME!!!! Anyone would think we lived in Melbourne. Or Seattle. 

Till next time!


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