This Is The Story Of The Hurricane ...

No, not the wrongly accused boxer from the 1960's, rather a very adorable 8 week old Chocolate Labrador named Hurricane! 

It's no secret that I'm kind of a dog person. And the Awesome One is kind of a dog person too. And we've been thinking about a puppy for a while now but the timing wasn't really right. Miss Penelope was too little and we were focused on thinking we would just wait till Old Man Rex moved on to the giant doggy playground in the sky. 

Then the Eldest One moved out and one of her housemates got a puppy. A Husky named Archie who is totally freaking adorable. And I just love puppies so much. And I've been really kind of down lately too. Not being able to leave the house and being sore and waiting for an appointment with a surgeon to fix the problem and it's really been tough. 
So the Awesome One and I were having a drink the other night and decided we should just do it. Let's get a puppy now instead of waiting. So we started looking around and there were no Huskies available right now, but there was an adorable little thing just sitting in the pet store by herself.
I had really wanted to get a rescue dog, because it breaks my heart to think of all the puppies that are abandoned or given up because they are too much work or just plain unwanted. But we also had to think about not just how another dog would fit in with the two older ones, but how another dog would fit into our family. Most rescue dogs are older and generally not recommended for families with young children. We obviously didn't want to put Penelope in any danger, or risk the happiness of all of the animals. 
So we thought about a rescue puppy but they get adopted so quickly! We found a beautiful looking rescue Beagle who was 6 months old and would have been perfect. But he had already been adopted. So we started looking at other options.  
The pet store we ended up getting Hurricane from does not source from puppy farms, and according to all research is very ethical in their selection of puppies and animals for their store. So after we (I) saw her and pleaded with my own version of puppy dog eyes, we went home to think about it.  I really just felt that there was totally a puppy shaped hole in our hearts and happily the Awesome One agreed with me. Or just couldn't resist my tear filled eyes that were saying "I need a puppy to smother with love because I am so sad being house bound".  We agreed that a beautiful eyed chocolate labrador puppy was the perfect thing to fill such a sad and lonely gap.  
So we bought her and brought her home. 
And she is wonderful.  And obviously, I am all smiles. Hahaha. 

The older dogs are getting used to her. Our hope is that they will get a bit of a new lease on life with an energetic puppy around. Veronica still loves to play, but old man Rex doesn't really like to play much any more. So fingers crossed that Hurricane and Veronica can play well together (so far so good), and Rex might be a bit rejuvenated too. 

So there you have it. The latest addition to the crazy, chaotic mess that is our home and life. And we wouldn't have it any other way. 
I know I promised you pics of my organising awesomeness, and I have them but they can wait. Because really, Hurricane pictures are all the awesome you really need. 


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