Cabin Fever Is A Real Thing, Who Knew?!

So, umm, I'm back?! 
Well, actually I didn't really go anywhere, but it's been ages since I posted anything so I had to open with something, right?!

Anyway, so as the title suggests, I have discovered that cabin fever is a real thing! Who knew?! Well, okay, probably lots of people knew, but I'm not sure if I really did or not. As I'm sure you all know, I have issues. And while there may be some, ahem, mental issues that should be addressed every now and then I am actually referring to the leg issues I have. You know..... hernia pressing on my Femoral nerve causing my right leg to be pretty much useless? *sigh
It has its' moments, but basically we're still at the point where I can't drive because my foot doesn't work. As in, I can walk, usually with a crutch, sometimes without, but there isn't any resistance strength in my leg or foot. So things like pressing down on an accelerator pedal don't happen. You all know this, so why am I rehashing it? 


Yes, I yelled. Yes, I'm sorry. But oh my gosh, it's so frustrating! 

Anyway, so what happens when you can't leave your own house? Well, you go a little stir crazy, that's what! What do I mean? Well, I am very glad you asked! I'll tell you!

I have organised everything. Like, EVERYTHING. 

So perhaps I should back up a little here..... 

The Eldest One moved out. She made the giant leap and moved into a share house with some friends. We really do get along much better since this happened. I don't know if teenagers/pretend adults and actual adults should ever live together. It's bad for everyone's health. But now she's out, we are all much happier! 
So she moved out and we suddenly had a spare room! So now we have an office!! 

So I started organising that. And it looked so nice and pretty that I started to get frustrated at the rest of the house. And you know, sick of being in the house and looking at the same stuff all the time....

So I thought I'd organise the pantry and kitchen cupboards. So I did. I bought buckets and containers, and I lined the shelves with black paper and I sorted and labelled everything. Yes. Labelled. Everything. Now the chips and the sauces and the assorted baking crap, it all has a place and a home and it looks OH. SO. PRETTY!!!

I had some volunteer help in the form of The Social One and The Boyfriend to sort out the cupboards, and now the small appliances, and the plastic crap that breeds on its' own, and the cleaning products and the saucepans and glassware.... well it's all organised into buckets and places and so tidy.
So then I looked around and all was beautiful. So I had a thought and it struck me that I don't live  by myself and how on earth was I going to make sure that it stayed looking so pretty?
So I threatened the children with death if they didn't keep things neat and tidy and in its' place. And so far it seems to be working. 
So then I thought, well, why stop there?! So I started on the fridge and freezer. And did you know we were wasting so much food cause it would go bad and just be chucked in there.... so I bought more bins and buckets and containers and got to labelling some more!
 (Oh, as a side note, I think there is a small, ever so slight possibility that I may be addicted to online shopping. Never mind.)

So yes. The fridge and freezer both got a makeover and are now labelled and neat and tidy in all their awesome and beautiful organised awesomeness. And yes, by now, my family were thinking I was freaking nuts. But they think that a lot so it really wasn't anything new...

So then I decided that I'd keep going with this insanely awesome organising, and I headed to the laundry. And man, I hate this room. It's so dirty. And no one ever empties the rubbish bin, and no one ever wipes the washing machine down or puts things back properly. So I bought even more organising accoutrements, and I set to work. And it is magnificent. 

I was going to post photos but then when I went to take said photos, it struck me that it is shopping week. So we have no food. So it's not as pretty. Well, actually it's kind of boring. So after shopping this weekend, I will take photos with the camera (as in, the actual camera, not the phone, oh my!!), and I will post a beautiful blog post full of glorious photos of my organising awesomeness. 

I can however show you a photo of the records and record player. Yes, I organised that too (and Miss P's toys, and a bunch of other stuff. Told you I went crazy).

We are going to make a cool, retro Mid Century style platform for them to sit on, so they aren't on the floor, but that hasn't been done yet. The dining table has been sanded back and polished though, photos to come of that too!

I also extended my insanity to the photos. I organised all of our photos on the computer into years ready to print. I finished off one photo album, and spent three days uploading 1500 something photos to a printing service. Only to then discover they wouldn't honour their 6c photo deal, and I'll be buggered if I am paying 15c per photo PLUS $40 shipping. So the photos are waiting to be printed but they are all organised and sorted so that's something!

So I guess you want to see photos of other things... like the children... So I suppose I can accommodate that.  

Since I last posted, we have had Miss Eden, aka The Social One, perform at a school play for her drama class. It was ... interesting. The acting was fine, but the play they chose was kind of hard to follow. Anyway, here's a couple of photos of her. 

I also got to watch a presentation by the Little Dude and his classmates from his extension class, showing off all the things they've learned this semester. That was interesting, and a little like "woah! They learn some hard stuff!!!"

We've also had the Little Miss turn 3, yes THREE and lots of moments with her being her crazy, crazy self. So lots of Penelope photos for you. We also went to the movies to see Finding Dory, her very first movie! She did well, watched the whole thing and was very quiet and interested. 

I have also spent a lot of time starting up a secondary online store. This one sells all digital art. So like, stuff I've drawn, or created digitally, and sell as a download. It's doing really well so far, and seems to be a great add on to my existing art on Etsy. In case you're interested, you can see it all here:

 Yes. I created every single piece myself. They are awesome. Thank you. :)

So there you go. Stay tuned for the pics of my organised awesomeness. 


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