The Re-Do is Done!

The reorganisation and rearrange is done! It's only taken a month....

But hey, all five kids now have their own rooms which is really no mean feat! We really have not noticed the lack of proper playroom, as Miss Penelope rarely played in there anyway! 

I had been putting off taking photos of it all, as it's summer holidays and that means it is ridiculous trying to keep the house clean and tidy. Kids being home and everything in its place are two statements that are definitely not a match made in heaven. But never fear! I spent the morning tidying up and taking photos and not only do you now get to see how totally awesome our house looks after a bit of a refresh, you also get to see three of the five in their natural school holiday habitat, hahaha.

So on to the photos!

 front entry with Gladys the Galah, and my Jim Morrison drawing

 I actually love the orange glow that our new Mandala print curtain gives the room.
And of course, under those sheets is the by now infamous wonderful new mattress!

 The Pearl Jam 'stickman' inspired cake toppers from our wedding still make me smile every day.

 The new and slightly modified studio/study/playroom/spare tv watching room...

 My business 'stuff' is all tucked neatly away behind that curtain and my homemade 'doors' on the bookshelf there. 

 Penelope's room has changed only a little from last year.

 And it's so nice that the Sesame Street artwork that belonged to her Daddy when he was little is on her own bedroom walls.

 And now that it's been in use for a bit, I actually really love our purpose made command centre, or 'YODA, knowledge the board of', as I have named it.

 My one plant that I have managed to keep alive, with some star fairy lights above...

 Please ignore the patchy carpet. White carpet is the total bane of my existence. And yes, the white parts are where we cleaned the stains...... and we now realise how gross the rest of the floor is. Time to get it cleaned properly I think....

 She hasn't had much iPad time lately, so today was a bit of an anomaly in that regard. She sits on 'Eddie-rug' as she calls him (my cowskin has been called Eddie since I got him) to eat anything in the living room. I love how the dogs keep her company too...

 The Little Dude has spent a decent chunk of time away from home with friends these holidays, so when he is home this is pretty much his standard location and pose. Notice the winter pj's, and how he was clearly warm so pulled them up - because getting dressed is apparently too much work?

 My old boy Rex is looking his age lately. But he is as affectionate as ever (and as needy as ever).

 I actually love our living space. It's so inviting, and so us. And it's comfortable too. I really enjoy being in here.

 She was being a superhero...

 Em's room that she has all to herself now. Still girly, not too grown up yet...

 She got the balloon dog lamp for Christmas. I love it so much.

 She has a shelf full of my old books from when I was a kid, and I love how she has little girl stuff still. Makes her growing up just that little bit more bearable I guess to know that she is still so young..

 Little Dude's new room from the old playroom. We created a wall (that is attached to the shelves and the table in the art room), and he is fine with a curtain for a door. Messy, but not too bad for a ten year old boy really.

 But man oh man does he have some stuff!! And most of that stuff is Lego. He has so so much of it!!

 Eden, aka the Social One now has her own room as well. Again, messy but not too bad I guess for a 16 year old. 

So you'll notice (if you're paying attention) that the Eldest One does not have her room featured today. Well, I went to take some photos, temporarily forgetting how bad it was in there. But once I opened the door I soon remembered and no amount of creative editing or angling could hide the bomb site that it is. So no photos of her room, which does look nice when it's clean.......

Anyway, there you have it. A very photo heavy post to show you all the chaos we call home. It's actually rather lovely and I do feel like it represents us and our personalities very well.


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