Well it's cooled off quite wonderfully yesterday and today, thank goodness! Little Miss Minnesota-blooded Penelope is quite glad about that actually - she does not really like the heat at all, and she's so flippin' sweaty all the time!! 

Anyway, things are slowly getting back to normality/reality here, amidst the post-holiday bllaagghhhhhh. Yes, that's a real thing, I just cannot be bothered doing anything at all! So to combat that (and get done everything I have to get done!), I have been making lists like a crazy lady and may have kind of, sort of, maybe started Christmas decorating......
here's this years' awesome advent calendar!

But never fear! I am here ready to share more of our holiday snaps with you! 

One of the (many) highlights for me was definitely pumpkin carving!!

We I may have been ever-so-slightly overly optimistic about our ability to get all of the pumpkins we, I went crazy buying carved.... but I'm sure there was not a single "I told you so" uttered by anyone else......

The ones we did carve though were totally awesome!

What else did I LOVE about Halloween in America? Well I'm glad you asked! I love love loved seeing random houses decorated! Most were with a few pumpkins and maybe a ghost or skeleton (or angel depending on your perspective!), but there were a few here and there that had gone all out. It made me so flippin' excited!!

And then of course there were the Halloween stores.....

So who wants to see (or revisit) our Halloween costumes?! You do? Awesome! Here you go!

Trick or treating was so fun!

The award for the weirdest thing we saw though has to be for this:

As we were walking back to the house after said lolly-gathering, we turned a corner and saw a flat bed trailer being driven around..... with a bunch of hay bales upon which there were people sitting around a campfire! 


You read that right.

Driving around the suburban streets was a mobile hay ride, complete with a real CAMPFIRE and passengers drinking probably something highly alcoholic and loving every minute! It was definitely a 'did-we-really-just-see-that' moment!

After all of that, Halloween in Australia this year is just not going to live up to expectations!! 

I'll be back in another few days with the final round up, and photos of our day trip to Minnehaha Falls. (And maybe some more Christmas decorations!)


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