So it was pointed out to me recently that while I may have all the reasons in the world for not posting as regularly as I like on here, there are people that rely on   no, wait for, no, enjoy my updates about our not so little family. So I have decided to make a concerted effort for you all to post more regularly, even if I feel like I have not much to contribute. (So if you end up reading rubbish, well.... it's not my fault!! hahaha.)


So where did I leave off last time? Ahh, that's right. Sam's birthday. Well the first significant thing after that was that I took Miss Penelope to Victoria for a few days to see my parents! 

It was kind of unseasonably warm for most of the trip, and the little monster, oops, I mean little Miss, kind of made a bit of a mess with her Lego and the contents of her nappy. Yeah, I don't need to finish describing that. You get the picture. And if you don't, well, lucky you. 

The result of her mess was a bucket of water on the deck and hours of fun playing with the hose and her Lego. 

The water fun continued the next day!

Along with bubble fun!

We also went and saw the Archibald Prize, which is Australia's richest portraiture prize. There were some amazing artworks, and some 'ehh' artworks. This was my absolute favourite. It's a portrait of Silverchair singer Daniel Johns, by Julian Meagher. It's done in oil paint, although it looks very much like watercolour to me. I just loved it so much. 

And we also went out for a family lunch where I got to spend some wonderful time listening to my Dad and Grandad. 

The trip was capped off with a soul-sucking 4 hour flight home, where I tried my hardest to keep my cool while dealing with a very overtired and over emotional two year old who refused to sleep!

This picture was actually taken on flight over, as the flight home was too traumatic to even attempt photography! 

But once we landed and she spied her much loved brother, the stress left her little body and they both proved how much they missed each other by falling asleep, heads together on the car ride home.

Once we got home and the school holidays finished, it was only a little over a week until we were flying out for our American Halloween.... but that's for the next post (in a few days I promise!!). 


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