We were at the airport yesterday saying goodbye to Miss Emily who is off on her very first holiday somewhere by herself! She's gone to stay with family in Victoria, and was oh-so-excited, but oh-so-nervous about the flight. I was actually oh-so-nervous on the way up there because we almost didn't make it!!

The trip normally takes around 45 minutes, give or take a little depending on traffic. We weren't expecting any of that since it was the middle of the day on a Sunday. Man were we ever wrong! An accumulation of events, such as an early morning fire on the side of the freeway, then a crash, then a breakdown, all a few hours apart from each other, along with West Australians' apparent inability to drive in rain meant that the freeway was more like a carpark for a good section. This made our normal 45 to 50 minute trip more like an hour and 20 minutes!!

Thank goodness for online check in though, as I was able to do that while we were 'driving', and then the Awesome One dropped Miss Em and I at the door of the terminal and went to park, while we went to drop her bag off. They were calling for passengers to Melbourne as we walked in so straight to the front for us (yay!), and a big sigh of relief was had when the flight attendant said "Gate 20, they've just started boarding".

So through security and up the escalators, and then all the way to the end of the terminal we went. The boarding line was moving fast so she lined straight up, bag of nerves and all, and I gave her a massive hug and off she went. Just like that.

The Awesome One arrived as she boarded and we grabbed a coffee while we waited for take off. Worst Coffee Ever - so irritating when 'coffee shops' can't make good coffee! Regardless of that though, we waited and waited and saw some poor unfortunate's bags being taken off the plane (that always makes me wonder - they had to be at the airport to have checked luggage, so where on earth do they go between check in and boarding, that they then have to be called, not found and their bags removed?!) Then finally the plane started to move, we watched it back out and roll away and took our leave as well.

I was going to take a photo of her at the airport, but in the rush it didn't happen. So here is a photo of the walkway and plane instead. 

On Wednesday the Social One will also be at the airport, as she is going to New Zealand to go snowboarding!!! She is going with about 20 others from school and three teachers, and they'll be gone for a bit over a week. I really hope she doesn't come home in a leg or arm cast or something like that, (she's possibly even clumsier than I am, so skiing and snowboarding....not so sure), but she has travel insurance and I can choose not to think about it while she's away, right?! She is very very excited about it though, and I'm just the tiniest bit envious that she's going to NZ. I've never been and it really is on my list of places I want to see.

Now on to what else has been going on:

The Eldest One and The Social One went to a concert by themselves last week. They saw 5 Seconds of Summer which is some boy band from somewhere in Australia... maybe Sydney or Melbourne I think....  anyway, that was the first time that they've been somewhere like that not just by themselves, but they got themselves there and home (mostly). The Awesome One had to pick them up at the train station at 11pm ish but it was kind of a weird feeling. I can still vividly recall the first 'proper' concert I went to. My sister bought me tickets to see Bon Jovi and we went to see them together in 1993. I was 17, and it was amazing. Unlike that reaction to my first concert, the girls seemed not so much euphoric, rather irritated at each other by the time they got home. It was actually really quite amusing.

I had a bit of an issue and had abdominal surgery a bit over a week ago. It's a long story, and so I won't go into it on here, but it's had me out of action and pretty darn unwell for a good few weeks. Today is probably the first day in the longest time that I've been almost back to my normal self, and it feels so good!! 

On the upside though, I had a very cool view from my hospital window. A mob (yes, that's what a group of kangaroos is called) of kangaroos spent a few days visiting! The kids were much more interested in watching them than talking to me when they visited me!!

Miss Penelope turns 2 in just a few days, and while we really aren't doing anything special for her birthday, it has had me thinking "how did she get so big?!!". Not that she's actually that big. She's quite small and petite really, and we've only just had to buy her new (bigger) clothes, as she was still fitting into pretty much everything she fit into when we were last in the States. She talks all the time now. And she has the best little vocabulary and speech. She's also very very cheeky and pretty much rules the house.....

Speaking of when we were in the States, well, kind of.... we are (read I am) so so so so excited about our trip back over there at Halloween!!!! It's like only a bit over 100 days or something ridiculous and I can't wait!!!!!

I know this is from November last year, but I'm so excited to see everyone again! 

We have started to think about trick or treating (which will just be the coolest thing for Little Dude and Miss P, and me of course), as it's not really a thing too much here yet. And I certainly didn't grow up doing it like The Awesome One did. Of course the eldest girls are a bit grumpy about not getting to come along, but it really is a business trip for me and we just couldn't justify that much extra this time around. I think I need to break out the tulle for my Halloween costume, and Miss P's. We could be super dorky and have matching Mummy and toddler outfits, like witches or Woodland Nymphs or something equally as awesome. Watch this space. Oh, and in case that wasn't a hint enough...... I't be really really really super awesome if people wanted to have a Halloween Party while we were there........

So now here a couple of videos of Miss Penelope just being her awesomely oddball little self, and maybe a couple of photos too!

 So in this one she is (along with Miss Em and Little Dude) singing the Spongebob Squarepants themesong. I may possibly have, the tiniest bit, passed along my love of said Square Bottomed Sponge to the little miss.... maybe, we're not really sure.....

And this one is the Little Dude and Miss P playing trains. He has this huge train set that is ridiculously noisy and it turns out (rather not surprisingly), that Penelope loves it (and most of the rest of her big brothers' toys).  It's cute. Of course.

I totally swiped these last two photos from The Eldest One's Facebook  page, but they were too cute not too. The one below is from summer, but it's too awesome to not share.

And finally, I've rebranded my old art blog so that I don't bombard this one with all of my art 'stuff'. Seeing as I'm so kind of insanely busy with it these days, it just made more sense. So if you click HERE you will be taken to my new old blog that will go along with my Etsy store and art website.


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