New House Tour!!

 We're finally in our new house, and it's looking mostly organised and like a home! The studio is still to be organised fully, but here is a tour of the rest of the house. We love it, it's bigger, has more light, is cooler and airier, and best of all Miss P has her very own bedroom!!! (up till now she'd been sharing with us, and it was certainly time for her to be in her own space!).

It's full of us; our personality and lots of colour. There's space for everyone and even the dogs are happier here!

Front entry

There are cute little touches of whimsy and fun everywhere!

I love Miss Penelope's room.

And I love love love our room. It's just so full of personality! There is tulle galore, my awesome dreamcatcher, string lights, colour and all things that are precious to us: including our Yoda Lego alarm clock! 

I love this lamp, with the tulle The Eldest One says it reminds her of Alice In Wonderland (the Johnny Depp version of course!)

There are so many things we love in here, not the least being things like the framed flag that remind The Awesome One of family and home. 

My funky retro table and chairs fit in perfectly! We just have to hang a couple more frames and this room is complete, including George the Hermit Crab who made the move safely and now lives next to the Mac.

Furniture that my Dad built, with teatowels and salt and pepper shakers from The Awesome One's mum. Tradition, family and awesomeness. 

I truly love my collection of salt and pepper shakers. They include, but are not limited to, PacMan ghosts, Corona bottles, owls and more owls, wolves, watermelons and corn. 

I love coffee (no secret there!), and ever since I first saw them on Pinterest, I've wanted a coffee station. Now I have one! 

 This living room is so 'us'. We have vinyl and a record player, Transformers, art (not all mine!) and all things we treasure. The tv is yet to be wall mounted and then this room too will be complete!

Who says toys can't be cool? Bumblebee and Optimus Prime sit perfectly with Link from The Legend of Zelda and a super cool American Mickey Mouse my sister got me from Disney World and one of our Lava lamps on my painted orange bookshelves. 

No secret again.... I love squirrels and moose (and another lava lamp!)

And it wouldn't be home without Ted. Who is quite possibly the most prized 'possession' in our home (aside from the children of course!!). No wait...I can't call him a possession, he's part of the family. He looked after my Dad during his childhood, and he is in many of my own memories.  Now he watches over my babies too. I love Ted. 

We have a playroom!! Yay!!!

The kids' portraits from 2011 decorate the walls perfectly.

The Little Dude's room is a constant source of fascination for Miss P. She just cannot resist all that Lego!!!

The Social One and Miss Emily have to share a room (*sigh from them*), but it's spacious enough that they don't have to have bunk beds. 

And really just to prove she has a bedroom, I put these photos in. The Eldest One hasn't done too much in her room, but at 17 she can decorate however she likes.... once she gets out of bed that is!!

 So that's the house in a nutshell. obviously there are bathrooms and a kitchen and laundry but they are the boring parts of the house. You don't need to see those! Studio photos will be up next.....


  1. The house that we just bough is located on the end of a cul-de-sac and I wanted to share something with potential home buyers. We do not have kids, and we always looked at the house in the middle of the school day. The night we moved in, there had to be three dozen kids playing on our lawn. It must be the neighborhood hangout.

    Margaret @ Boston North Shore Real Estate


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