It's Christmas!

So it kind of feels like forever since I've blogged! I am sitting her somewhat hungover from a few too many strawberry wines last night, and feel like it's time I updated you all on the last month or so!

 The last time I was on here, I was talking about our trip to the States to visit family - well, actually I think I was talking Halloween but I know the holiday was mentioned somewhere! I feel like I could blog every day for a month and still not convey how amazing and awesome this was. 

It took us 38 hours of travel time to get from here in Western Australia to Washington DC, and while we were exhausted it went far better than I had expected! There were obviously a few bouts of crankiness here and there, but overall we all handled the travel extremely well - and Little Miss P surprised and delighted us with how well she did. 

We kept her amused by playing with her, walking up and down the aisles, and passing her around between siblings. She ate a bit, she slept a bit and she played a bit. She cried a little here and there, but she certainly wasn't 'that baby' .

We spent two full days sightseeing in DC and the exhausted little girl slept for pretty much the entire first day and night. But the older kids were troopers and aside from a little bit of shock at how cold it was, were excited and ready to take on America! Highlights for me were seeing the Little Dude's face at the Air and Space Museum.....

and the squirrels running around everywhere! We actually touched one, much to The Awesome One's horror. They're so friendly there, and so cute how could you not lean down and see if you could pat it? It let us and we didn't get bitten and it made me (and the Little Dude and the Social One) happy happy campers! 

Then it was time to say goodbye DC and hello Minnesota and yay oh yay oh yay, there was snow!!! There are so many highlights I don't think I could name them all. Seeing family and friends, our first American Thanksgiving and deep fried turkey, and walking around in minus 20 degree celcius weather! Celebrating an early Christmas with our amazing family, the kids went ice skating and sledding, we played in the snow and watched them experience that for the first time with absolute joy!
So instead of listing everything we did, here are some of my favourite photos of our time in America.


There are quite literally hundreds more photos that I could include, but obviously that's not going to happen! I will say, we had the best time. We enjoyed every bit of it; the cold, the snow, the sunshine, the family and the friends. There was one moment though, when I really did think "what the?!". We had a wonderful night out, just the 'grown ups', and when it was time to go home we headed to the car. As I sat in the back seat looking out the window, it occurred to me that there was ice.... on the inside of the car window!!! And so it just has to be said, it really is all fun and games, until you see ice on the inside of the car. Then you know it is ridiculously, phenomenally cold!!!

I cannot wait until we are back there again, the memories that were made during the two weeks we were there will stay with us for a lifetime. Thank you America, you were awesome.


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