2nd Annual Wherry Halloween Party!

As promised, here is the round up of our 2nd annual Wherry Halloween party! The photos of course do not do it justice - we spent hours decorating outside and the place looked spectacular!

We had carved our pumpkins during the week; would you believe we actually had to do it separately as we are so busy we couldn't find time to do it together as a family!! Between work for The Awesome One, the Social One and the Eldest One, plus running art lessons for me we just didn't have an afternoon at home all together. So we did them on different days depending on who was home. But the important thing I guess is that they got done and looked very cool!

I worked hard on the costumes; the Awesome One was Obi Wan Kenobi, I was Princess Leia, Little Dude was Luke Skywalker and Miss P was R2D2. The girls bucked the Star Wars trend and went as Red Riding Hood, Wednesday Addams (with blonde hair) and Zombie Belle (from Beauty and the Beast).

I had made the Obi Wan costume a few months ago for a thing the Awesome One had at work, but I made mine, Little Dude's and Miss P's all during the week. Miss Em's was partly recycled from last year, and the hood needed modifying as well. Eden bought hers and Sam made hers actually all on her own which was impressive! She also did her own zombie makeup which was pretty cool looking!

And I just really couldn't get over the cuteness factor of Little Miss Penelope in her R2TuTu costume. How amazingly adorable is she?!

I am terrible at taking photos during the actual party it seems. I have some but nowhere near as many as I should. So next year I promise to take photos of each awesomely dressed guest! We'll be having a costume parade next year as well, to make the costume contest a bit easier to vote in.

All in all, it was a fantastically fun night, and again reiterated just how much I love Halloween!!!

Only 11 days now till we fly out on our trip, so we'll see a lot of you very very soon! :)


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