It's October Already!

I cannot believe it. In exactly 5 weeks' time, actually almost to the minute, we'll be heading out the door to begin our trip to the US!

This year has seriously flown by. And on that note, did you realise it's been a year that I've been writing this blog!? And today also marks Miss Penelope's 15 month birthday. She's such a big girl now, it just goes so fast. It makes me sad really. I mean, I'm happy but I'm sad. I miss her being a baby baby already.

She does provide us with so much amusement though, and she astounds us everyday with her intelligence. Remember we said she was going to take over the world? Here is a picture of her plotting that world takeover....

Anyway.... she is 15 months old and a little whirlwind! We've been pretty busy / excited about the upcoming trip, and today we got one of the last things needed - a little backpack for the big (well... actually still really little) Miss P. Okay, maybe we didn't really need to get her a backpack, but I just couldn't resist. It was waaaaaaay too cute. Do you disagree? ;)

So the other day I sent the younger three kids outside to play. It's been gorgeous weather mostly and they've spent too much time inside these school holidays. Then I snuck out behind them to watch what they were doing. It was pretty cute actually. Miss Emily had stopped being her normal-for-these-days bossy self, and the Little Dude was being a proper boy and giving his undivided attention to a bug that he was letting crawl all over him.  Miss Penelope was torn between looking at said bug and her current favourite activity, exploring the front yard. Exploring won out and she took her big sister on a tour of all the things she finds fascinating.

I took some photos on my phone to capture the moment, realising that before too long Miss P will be the only one still interested in looking in the garden and playing with bugs. I guess I just wanted to bottle that moment in a sense, to make it last forever.  It's easy when you get so busy to forget that they're just kids, and we should stop and smell the roses.... and play with bugs, while they still want to. :)

Oh and the sequence of photos is backwards...don't know why and a couple of yummy strawberry wines mean I don't really care either.... but I apologise if it irritates you who are reading it.

So my next post will probably be a round up of our upcoming Halloween party. amidst all the chaos that seems to be our lives, we are still hosting the 2nd Annual Wherry Halloween Bash. Costumes are being organised (spoiler alert...*Star Wars characters might be showing up this year*), decorations are being retrieved from boxes and spooky food is being planned..... And we are all hoping we get to do Halloween in the States at some point soon. :) :) :)

Until then, I hope each and every one of you is having an awesome day!

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