Solo Exhibition, and a Raffle too, plus some Little Miss P.

Well hasn't the last month been super hectic?! For us it has anyway, here's what's been taking all our time up:

My very first solo exhibition featuring 25 pieces which are currently on display at the Rockingham Arts Centre, here in Rockingham Western Australia.

We spent Thursday and Friday the 11th and 12th September setting up the gallery, and then the exhibition opened on Saturday 13th. Opening night was fantastic and a couple of works were sold. Drinks were had, food was eaten and I gave a little speech (which had me so nervous I thought I might vomit, but I didn't thankfully!). Art was talked about and all in all it was an amazing night and such a wonderful experience.

Here are some photos of opening night!

Plenty of raffle tickets have also been purchased during the exhibition. What raffle? I'm so glad you asked!! I am raffling one of my paintings to raise some money to help with medical expenses for a couple of awesomely special little girls. In fact, many of you reading this will know exactly who these girls are because they are the daughters of one of the Awesome One's cousins (therefore also related to many of you all!). The medical expenses for Miss Ashley and Miss Briley are getting kind of expensive, so I figured we should all help.

On this coming Sunday at 4pm our time, the winning ticket will be drawn for our raffle and the lucky winner will receive this painting, shipped to their door wherever in this wonderful world they may be.  ALL of the proceeds go to help Lindsey and Tom Wherry with their gorgeous girls.

I've also been selling tickets for this raffle via my website. So if you'd like to help and possibly win this painting (which is now a finalist in the Gateway To Sedona Art Awards by the way), click HERE to donate via PayPal and you'll receive 3 entries into the draw for every $10 ticket. And yes, worldwide shipping is on me, not coming from the raffle proceeds. :) :) :)

Hmmm, what else has been happening this last month? We sadly had to say goodbye to my very much loved Grandma when she finally succumbed to the Alzhiemers and Dimentia that she had been living with for the past few years.  It was very sad, but I will be forever grateful that I got to say goodbye and tell her how much I loved her, when I took Miss P back to Victoria in June.

The Eldest One turned 17, and exclaimed that we are the "best parentals of all time" when she opened her presents which included a Pierce The Veil hoodie and cd/dvd. (Apparently that band is quite wonderful if you're 17).  All of the children have been (somewhat) graciously dealing with the chaos that the exhibition has caused in regards to the normal household 'stuff'. My Mum came over to help (she took the photos of the opening night), and did some babysitting and playing with Miss P.  The Awesome One finally transferred to the new store, which opened amid local craziness with seemingly the entire city flocking to the new store. He now only works a couple of minutes drive from home so gets to spend more time with us. YAY!!!

What else? Oh yes.... the adorably crazy Miss Penelope has discovered she can climb AND she has a temper!! She finally got a couple more teeth - well almost anyway. Her first top molars are breaking through, but she still only has two teeth at the bottom. I must say, it's really kind of cute.

So just because you've been so patient reading all about MY stuff, here's a couple of photos of the super cute Miss P, and two videos. One illustrating her newfound climbing skills and the other showing off her also newfound temper!!! (In case you were wondering, the tantrum was because I wouldn't let her in the laundry to play with the dirty clothes. How dare I shut her out of there!?)

And just a little bonus vid of the littlest one exploring the front garden. :)

So I think that's everyone about all caught up, I promise I will try not to leave it a month before the next post! 7 weeks till we fly out to the USA!!

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