The Beach and some Dinosaurs!

While it's been fairly chaotic around here lately, we've still managed to get the kids out of the house just a little bit. We took the Little Dude and Miss P up to see the dinosaur interactive exhibit at the museum last weekend. It was alright, not sure that it was worth the $50 entry charge, but hey, Little Dude thought it was awesome so maybe it was.

You would never know it by the expression, but he actually was very excited! All I could think of when I looked across at him on the train was how much like his Grandad he looked right then. Not just the checked shirt, but the crossed arms and expression.....

 Penelope Wonderwoman was happy to show her excitement however, not that she knew what she was excited about haha!

 That's better!! These two were apparently a little scary - the dinosaurs in the exhibit were full size and they roared and moved their arms, heads and mouths. So we could see why it suggested that it wasn't really suitable for kids under 5.

 The smile says it all..... although apparently it wasn't as thrilling for all involved!

 Miss P was a little unsure of this little dinosaur that kept shaking it's head = she was copying it, but wasn't too sure about going closer.

Her big brother came to the rescue though and reassured her it was fine. 

 Then they played together in the dino dig.... he was unimpressed to not find anything and she was not overly sure that she liked the sand at all!!!!

 But they did both enjoy the day out and that's the main thing!

Then yesterday the Awesome One took all the kidlets to the beach while I worked on my very last painting for my upcoming exhibition. Sam took some great photos for me, and so you all get to see them too now!

 We have had a few days now of amazing winter weather! There is honestly nothing better than beautiful blue winter skies, and the gorgeous blue-green water when it's calm like this. This is what makes me love Western Australia so much.

 She seems a little unsure of the wet sand....

Haha, great photo bomb Eden!

 Really loving this photo

 Something about the beach reminds people that though they think they are all grown up at 12 and a half, it's really okay to be a kid.

 And it seems digging in the sand is the thing to do, whether you're 9 or 1.

 She got bowled over by a little wave and got all wet, so off came the dress!

Taking advice from her older sister....

And I just love this photo. My three youngest babies walking up the beach path, so so so adorable.<3

In other news, the Eldest One finally got a new job! She had left Hungry Jacks because they were a bunch of idiots, and hadn't really tried all that hard to get another one. But she's now working at the little Chinese food place just around the corner, which means she can walk to work!!! Yay for not having to be a taxi! And she is very relieved because it means she'll actually have some of her own spending money for our trip to the States in November (she was panicking a bit about that, hahaha!).

And speaking of that, we have now booked the final flights for said trip! So we're all good to go, Perth- Sydney-LA-Washington DC-Minneapolis-LA-Brisbane-Perth. Phew!!! Lots of frequent flyer miles! :) Just over 3 months to go, how exciting!!!

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