20 days since blogging, my goodness I'm slack!!

Well....I don't know that I'd actually say slack so much as always busy, but either way it's time for an update!

What have we been up to in the last few weeks? I've been working on getting my back better, going to physio weekly and will be starting Clinical Pilates tomorrow. I also have a back brace to wear when painting or doing anything else that makes my back hurt. I wish I'd had it sooner, I really do. It was suggested to me way back when I first hurt my back, but seeing as the doc didn't seem to think it would help I didn't get one. My physiotherapist said it would help and am I ever glad I took her advice! Best thing ever!!

And then aside from the normal chaos that ensues around here, we had a party to get organised for! The lovely Miss Marny was turning 40 and her sneaky husband organised for a couple of us to make this awesome cake, and get a whole heap of stuff done for her big bash. Now, Marnster is a bit of a football fan (that's Aussie Rules, not NFL), and I really don't like football at all.....But just cause that's what friends do, I learned more about football than I ever wanted to and created a bunch of statistic cards for the tables, and a little set of handball goals so the big boys could see if they could score any goals....(they didn't...).

Anyway, here is her amazing Collingwood Football Club cake that the wonderful Sharon and I made with help from Marny's husband Raff (he poured the wine to enable us to create, hehe!).

It was a fantastic night and the cake was delicious!!! (probably because we only did the fondant, not the actual making!). Here's a few more happy snaps of all of us from the night:

Because taking selfies is the thing to do??

And sucking the helium out of balloons to make your voice weird is the most fun ever when you're 9.

And when you're 15, you spend your party time either playing with the adorable almost 2 year old Siena or....

Or being a happy looking teenager....or not....

My oldest and youngest babies.

And then there's Miss Em and her very best friend Miss Olivia,

Looking so much like the almost teenagers that they are now.

And of course no party is complete without some air microphone singing to Eye of the Tiger!

What else have we been doing? Only sleeping sporadically that's for sure! Little Miss P has just gotten another two teeth and it's made her sleep patterns extraordinarily painful for us! She usually wakes sometime in the early morning, around 3 or 4 ish, and then just cries until she finally gives in with exhaustion around 6ish. She has no idea what she wants, but hopefully now her tooth is finally through today, she'll be back to sleeping all night again!! She is walking everywhere now, and is just oh so cute! She eats 'real people' food, not baby mush, and has nearly mastered the art of drinking out of her big girl drink cup. She babbles all the time, still loves to get naked after dinner and man oh man does she love music! She hears it, stops what she's doing and starts to dance and smile. Cutest thing ever! She will be 1 in exactly 2 weeks' time, and I just cannot believe it. 

She walked around Ikea for a reasonable amount of time given how tiny her little legs actually are!

But then decided Daddy's shoulders were better when we went to more shops.

This is pretty much how she spends her days now, playing, walking and tormenting the dogs!

 This is the famous Ted, from the front cover of my Dad's book. He spends his days in our living room watching over the tribe, and being terrorised by Miss P, who likes especially to hang him upside down and eat him apparently. Good thing 60-something year old Ted loves kids, hey?!

The little Miss now also likes to walk to the car herself to pick up the kidlets from school.

Except she gets a bit distracted by the grass, and the plants, and the trees, and the flowers, and the sky, and oh wait...what's that over there?! Then gives me an adorably cheeky grin when I say hurry up we have to go!! 

And then here's something else I've been keeping myself busy with, in addition to the painting for my exhibition and selling work from my new art site (yay!!), and also organising to run more lessons! I proved that I am indeed a wonderful wife, and made the Awesomer than Awesome One a fantabulous costume for the opening day of the major toy sale starting today at his work.

I may have sewed over my finger with the sewing machine, but like all good creative processes, a little bit of blood just adds to the authenticity of it right? 

And lastly the Awesome One proved how Awesome he actually is, and had no objections when I found the coolest table and pink kitchen chairs! Don't they look so awesome, in all their retro coolness??

The final picture here is a super cute little gecko Matthew found a couple of weeks ago. He was hiding behind a big concrete block - it's been pretty cold here lately, so I picked him to move him somewhere warmer. He actually was the biggest one we've found in a while, being a bit longer than my palm and quite chunky. He clearly didn't want to be moved though, because he tried to bite me!!! I did still move him though, because I didn't want the dogs to eat him now we'd moved his concrete slab. He was much happier when we took him to the fence out the front which had started to warm in the sunshine already.....



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