Mornings and My Babies

Miss Penelope was up early again this morning, which meant by the time the older kids were up I already had all the breakfasts and lunches ready and was sitting watching said Miss play while drinking a cup of coffee.

Once they were all up and beginning to have their brekky, the Little Miss needed to be in there with them of course! She just loves feeling like she's part of the action, and she's taken to sitting in her high chair in the funniest way. She kind of leans forward and grips onto the sides of the tray as if she's getting ready for takeoff! This morning though she wasn't sitting like that. She was kicking back, one arm leaning over the side, swinging her legs watching everything that was going on.

I looked around as I listened to the normal morning chatter and decided to take a photo to remember it. At some point I guess not too far from now, mornings will be less hectic and less noisy and perhaps a little more of an ease into the day for a non-morning person like myself. But I'm fairly certain I'll miss the chaos and the yawns and all the little idiosyncrasies that make up our mornings.

Aside from the Little Miss wanting to be in on the action and making her siblings laugh with her crazy faces and high chair antics, there's the little boy whose weird noises and random repetitive chatter drives me nuts, but makes his baby sister laugh like it's the funniest thing on earth. He is usually so helpful in the mornings probably more because he's most often the first out of bed. A perpetual early bird, he helps me get the stuff out for lunches and breakfast and still likes to give me a hug first thing. He thinks it's his job in life to keep his Mum company and that's ok with me. I don't mind if he wants to be a Mummy's boy for a bit longer yet.

Miss Emily isn't overly a morning person and I usually have to wake her up these days as she heads into being a teenager. She still hugs me too, but then gets to work telling her brother off for various things. Then even before eating she proceeds to cut her apple up for school because apparently even at 12 years old, she needs slices rather than biting into a whole apple.  She washes the breakfast dishes every single morning without even being asked! She might be away with the fairies a lot of the time, but she really is the sweetest girl and I just hope she keeps her uniqueness as she gets older.

Eden is always the first dressed for school. Always. She gets herself up almost every day, and quietly goes about getting ready for school. Although maybe saying quietly is a bit of an overstatement. She does not know how to walk softly so her nickname is Stampy which she takes with good grace and a smile. She tries her hardest to get out of doing anything at home, but I don't know if I could call her lazy. I have to give her credit for stubbornness and determination. We told her at the start of this year that if she wanted to continue going to her afterschool Cadets program, and play soccer and work a weekend job and have a social life that her grades needed to stay up or the social side and Cadets would end. True to form, her grades are actually better than ever and she manages to still be the most social child I've ever met! She does make us laugh with her insane statements but she smiles so much and we never have to ask her to hurry up and get ready for school. She's up and ready and done with time to spare. I guess that comes from being a morning person!!

And then there's Samantha. She has had her issues with stubbornness and rebellion but I don't know how we would have managed in the last couple of months without her help. She could not be less of a morning person but she says good morning to everyone, gives her little brother a hug and has the biggest smiles for her baby sister. She can get kind of bossy and sometimes she needs to be reminded that she's not the Mum here, but just loves her youngest siblings so much. She rarely eats breakfast any more which bothers me, but there's only so much I can do now she's 16. She picks and chooses what she takes to school for lunch and spends a ridiculous amount of time on her hair and makeup in the mornings. She pretty much always has a scowl on her face in the mornings, until she talks to Miss P. Then her face lights up and she's a happy camper again. She's pretty much the opposite of Eden, she's not social and certainly not active! Mention sports to her and you'll get a look of shocked horror on her face. She isn't too concerned about finding another weekend job and has trouble running on time. But she does more around the house than anyone and for the most part doesn't complain about any of it. And she cooks a great dinner almost every night!

I just love my family so much. It's not perfect all the time and the kids are growing way too fast, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have to say, this is what I always wanted.

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  1. Great photo and post, love that everyone is in various sleepwear except Ed, there she is ready for them all, can't wait to see you and miss p


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