Just a Penelope Update!

I know I haven't posted much lately because of my back so here are a couple more videos of the Little Miss just being herself and some photos as well.

She's very very close to walking. She can stand up by herself with no problems, even when there isn't anything to hang on to, although she's a bit wobbly in that case. She has almost done it a couple of times, you can see her thinking about it but she always changes her mind at the last minute and sits back down.

She frustratingly won't say Dad. She has said it a few times, but never when the Awesome One is actually around so I don't think he believes me, haha! She does say Mum and 'sings' along to music a lot. She loves to dance, and starts bouncing her little butt around when she hears any music at all. It's very very cute.

 She was so close to taking a step in this picture!  You can see her big brother in the background. He's been pretty good at keeping me company while I've been out of action and mostly just laying on the couch. It's probably because the tv is always on, but maybe it's cause he wanted to cheer his Mummy up, right? ;)

 Haha, I had to include this one because the kids were playing with my phone taking 'selfies' to keep me amused...or maybe it was The Eldest One's phone, I can't remember. Anyway, I just thought the look on Miss P's face was absolutely priceless in them. She is wearing her biggest sisters' beanie and does not look impressed in the slightest!!! She does love being with her siblings so much though and I think that's why she puts up with stuff like that!

This one just sums her up so well. She's such a happy baby. She's noisy and always on the move, but she loves to smile and play.

Now I have to say this photo was actually taken about 5 days after the previous one. It was pointed out to me by a certain someone that she is wearing the exact same clothes. Well....I like the outfit and as she is a baby and grows fast, she only has a small range of clothing. So she is in the same outfit, but not taken on the same day. It's quite ok!!  This photo was taken yesterday when her two top teeth broke through.

This one was taken this morning. The older kids all went back to school today after the Easter break. I had been reading the junk mail on the couch last night and when I was done I tossed it all on the floor and figured I'd leave it there for Penelope in the morning. I know how much she loves paper, but her reaction when she saw it all was absolutely priceless!! I grabbed the phone and said "smile for the camera!" and snapped the reaction. I just love her little smile so much, it lights up her whole face!

And so now onto some videos! I hope they make you smile. :)


I hope they made you smile, she's got a knack of doing that!

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