Penelope is Crawling!!

Yep, she finally figured it out and is on the move!! I should clarify - she has been able to roll and wriggle around the floor for some time now, around 6 weeks or so I guess. But she finally figured out that getting up on her knees and rocking would enable her to go somewhere if she just moved an arm and a leg!!

She still collapses a bit under her own weight after a few 'steps' forward but I'm really not all that surprised. I mentioned a couple of posts back that she was on the 50th percentile for height and weight.....well.....her next baby health appointment isn't until the end of March so I weighed and measured her at home myself.  

She is most definitely not on the 50th percentile! At 7 and a half months, this little baby of ours is all the way up on the 90th percentile for height and weight!!  She is around 8.8kgs, which is just under 19 and a half pounds! She is right around the 70cm mark for height, or 27.5 inches. She she is not a small baby by any stretch of the imagination! 

No idea where that is coming from, but at least she's in proportion! So it's no wonder really that her arms and legs can't take her own weight all the time. Although....her legs are kinda chunky......


She can now successfully navigate her way around the room, and yesterday even tried to venture into the kitchen! What an adventure that was for her! She has also (on the very same day) learned to sit herself back up from lying down which will hopefully prove less frustrating for her than falling over and crying to have someone sit her back up! 

And then yesterday she said Mum!! The Awesome One says no, but he's just jealous that it wasn't Dad first. She has started saying 'mum mum' a lot and when she cries she adds it to the end of her cry, like "waaa...mum mum". It's very cute although I'm sure that's not her intention. But she definitely said Mum yesterday. [Insert big grin here]

She is kind of over the hot weather we've had - she is 100% without a doubt a cold weather baby. She sweats like you wouldn't believe. It's really quite disgusting but what can you do? She does get pretty cranky in the heat and so we've found the best way to calm her down is to put her in the bath with cool water and let her splash. Then let her roll around the floor naked. Cause that's what she does, haha!

Come to think of it....she does spend a lot of time naked.....

In other news, I am getting very excited about our upcoming trip to the States in November. I know it's months and months away, but I can't wait. I'm also going to take Miss Penelope to see my Daddy in Victoria later this year, probably May, and that's very exciting too. (And comments on me still saying Daddy at 38 years old!)  But I cannot wait to take all the kidlets overseas.

We are planning on going to Washington DC first I think for a couple of days, and then over to Minnesota for the rest of the two weeks including for Thanksgiving. So in addition to (already) preparing the kids for the limits on their packing lists (especially relevant for the older two girls!!), we are trying to prepare them for the cold they are going to experience.

An average winter here in Western Australia will have day time temps hovering between 16 and 20 Celcius, which is between 60 - 68 F. Night time temps can get cold, sometimes as low as 0, but usually they stay around the 8 - 13C I guess, which is 46 - 55F. So not that cold really. And over in Victoria they have experienced colder than that, with daytime temps between say 9 and 14C. So let's say the coldest daytime temperature they've ever experienced for any length of time is around 45 degrees F.

I think they're in for a shock in Minnesota, haha! They have no idea.......

They're also excited about seeing stuff they've seen in movies or photos as well. I'm sure we'll be watching 'Night At The Museum' and 'National Treasure' more than once in the lead up to our trip. My only nervousness about the holiday is coming from the travel time involved, given we'll have not just two kids, two teens and our (most likely) sleep deprived selves, but we'll be carrying along a 16 month old toddler......

Our travel time is as follows: 5 hour flight leaving at 5:40am from Perth, Western Australia to Sydney. 1 1/2 hour transit time in Sydney airport (our bags are checked all the way to LA), then a 14 hour flight to LA, unknown transit time yet in LAX, then around 5 hours flight to DC.

Yeah, you can stop laughing now......

Our flight back from LA is even longer! Flight time into Melbourne says 16 hrs, 45 minutes. Then a 3.5 hr flight back to Perth, after the 3 or 4 hr flight from Minneapolis to LA of course! But it will be worth it, and I'm sure we'll manage supremely well! [Insert nervous little chuckle here].

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